Album Review: Toxic Tito – Bestia (Self Released)

NYC’s psychedlic/punk/metal/grunge band Toxic Tito will release their scorching debut album Bestia on August 21st 2020.

The bands story starts in 1977 when the Italian-Venezuelan Luis Accorsi formed his first band, Janz Kappela, who were perhaps the first punk band in Venezuela. From there life took him to New York City where he launched a career as an art dealer and played countless shows at the legendary CBGB’s with bands like Manslaughter and Cracked Latin. He had become a fixture of the scene. In 2014 The Flux Machine – was formed, bringing Accorsi back to the heart of New York City’s thriving rock and roll scene. A few years later he would launch a brand new project, Toxic Tito which sought to take on the world of metal.

The band says:

This album is a real punch in the gut, no fucking around here. Original, and full on “Balls to the walls”!! Rock Music has gone stale and moldy, pretentious and ass kissing. We don’t do that.

With a hell of a catchy rhythm mixed with punkish vocals, Toxic Tito certainly intrigue with the opening duo of Flip Side and Whoopee. The latter even has a bit of silliness to it with lyrics like “hey-ho, hey-hey-ho-ho, whoopee”.

With plenty of vigour we get a banger in the form of Got to Move On before the eclectic bunch throw out the sleazy, The Big’ne. Two pretty different styles but with the concurrent theme of punk running throughout.

A slower drawl blended with brief injections of catchiness in Trapped in an Alleyway proves to be one of the album highlights. Followed by some guitar goodness in Disintoxication and the unusual rhythm of Jolene (not that one). The latter is one of the tracks that you’ll not likely want to hear again though.

It’s followed by the angrier Pustule, the jerky riffing of Summer’s Coming and the aptly titled, Blasty. A varied bunch that is very much on form for this album. Which brings us to the finale, a short and groovy end called Flux Machine.

It’s a hit and miss record but when they hit, it’s great fun.

Toxic Tito – Bestia Full Track Listing:

1. Flip Side
2. Whoopee
3. Got To Move On
4. The Big’ne
5. Trapped in an Alleyway
6. Disintoxication
7. Jolene
8. Pustule
9. Summer’s Coming
10. Blasty
11. Flux Machine


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Toxic Tito - Bestia (Self Released)
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