Album Review: Vitja – Mistaken (Century Media Records)

Following up a successful and busy year in 2017, Vitja headed straight back into the rehearsal room, bursting with new and fresh ideas for the follow up to last year’s album, Digital Love.

Mistaken was recorded at Sureshot Studios and Shrimp Audio by Daniel Keller and Lucas Kramer as well as the band’s own David Beule (vocals) and Mario Metzler (bass).

The band said this about the writing process: “While writing this record we wanted to reset to zero and solely focus on our musical roots and personal tastes in music first and foremost. ‘Mistaken’ feels like a turning point for us and we can‘t wait to get Vitja 2.0 in full effect.”

Mistaken will be out on September 28th 2018 via Century Media Records.

Vitja 2

Ferocious metalcore. If you’re half-asleep when the title track kicks in, you’ll be awake in an instant as the roaring intro is startlingly brutal but just when you think it’s going to breakdown into pure heaviness it instead goes for a more subdued ‘trance-style’ rhythm and clean vocals. Not exactly exciting even if it has got high energy.

That’s a consistent problem throughout Mistaken. Energetic music let down by some bland and overly familiar metalcore. However, there are plenty of moments where Vitja just lay it all out going for a full on aggressive and heavy style. Anxiety is a great example of this delivering some real punch. As is the raging track, Filthy. Here the riffs take on a life of their own and the vocals are absolutely on hyper-point.

Kings of Nothing is a powerful finale too. The slow thump of the drums and shouted vocals gets the hairs on the back of the neck standing up. It’s just a bit few and far between as High to the Moon and Sedamine fail to spark in any meaningful way. Is it bad? Of course not but it’s not many repeated plays.

Vitja 1

Vitja – Mistaken Full Track Listing:

1. Mistaken
2. Overdose (feat. Andy Dorner)
3. Friends Don’t Lie
4. Down
5. Anxiety
6. Black and Blue
7. High on You
8. To the Moon
9. Sedamine
10. Filthy
11. Kings of Nothing

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You can order the album via Century Media Records here and via all major stores and streaming services.


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Vitja - Mistaken (Century Media Records)
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