Album Review: Venus Syndrome – Cannibal Star (Rockshots Records)

Melodic progressive metal band, Venus Syndrome will be releasing their sophomore album “Cannibal Star” on October 22nd, via Rockshots Records.

Regarding the theme of the album, says guitarist and composer Ayman Mokdad:

Humanity will disappear if each one of us, each individual do not contribute to safeguarding it. Art, and particularly music is a healer and can help us reach the target and build something strong for our kids and their kids hopefully.

There’s a progressive ‘rock opera’ feel to this album. Not in the sense of orchestration and symphonic elements but rather the structure. We have an Ouverture that feels like the start of something truly grand, an instrumental interlude (the title track) and a finale (Contaminate Me) that the band says themselves is designed to play with a live audience.

Around those tracks, we have lavish and epic progressive heavy metal music without the epic lengths. Venus Syndrome, keeping every track tight and concise for easy digestibility. Tracks like Dark Side of the Sun, Sideral Groove, Sun Inside Me, Golden Mind and Empire of the End is music that you can groove too, head-bang too and be inspired by.

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Free-flowing, heavy when needed but with some old-school broad-minded rock ambiances littered throughout, Cannibal Star is always interesting. The subtle use of effects, the use of an organ and the energetic instrumentation and clean, clear vocals makes for a solid listen.

Once the excellent instrumental interlude is over, the latter part of the album continues to deliver. Breaking the Black Stars, Tunnel of Light and Like A Monster adding some confounding moments and plenty of reasons to move the body and shake the neck muscles.

Venus Syndrome – Cannibal Star Full Track Listing:

1. Ouverture 2040
2. Dark Side of The Sun
3. Sideral Groove
4. Sun Inside Me
5. Golden Mind
6. Empire of The End
7. Cannibal Star
8. Breaking the Black Stars
9. Tunnel of Light
10. Like A Monster
11. Contaminate Me


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Venus Syndrome - Cannibal Star (Rockshots Records)
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