Album Review: In Vain – Currents (Indie Recordings)

Back with their fourth album, progressive extreme metal band In Vain will release ‘Currents’ on January 26th 2018 via Indie Recordings.

Currents 1

Delivering on the extreme metal promise, Currents delivers gargantuan heaviness with As the Black Horde Storms, a track that showcases an exciting blend of blackened riffs, technical melody & soaring epic-ness. Not an easy band to pigeonhole, In Vain have no time for sub-genres instead choosing to tread the line of many different styles but doing it so well.

The clean vocals of Soul Adventurer doesn’t quite hit as hard as you might hope even if the driving beat is pretty decent. Thankfully, any worries that In Vain peaked way too early are completely forgotten with the sublime innovation of Seekers of the Truth. Gloriously combining heaviness with soul-searching melody, this is technical metal at its finest.

The finger-lickin’ bass epic that is Origin is a track that takes hold & refuses to let go. Before Currents is even half over In Vain have all but confirmed their placement as one of the best releases of 2018 already.

However if you’re not convinced then the stunning Blood We Shed should do that. What is a great slice of rough, extreme death metal warps & twists into an uplifting but sorrowful melodic tune. It’s simply divine & it’s almost unbelievable that such talent exists in one band. Especially when just as it seems to be drawing to a close the pace picks up to deliver a last minute of utter carnage.

Blood we shed indeed.

The longest & most epic track of the lot finishes things on a high. Standing on the Ground of Mammoths is every bit as heavy, melodic, catchy & unique as heard so far. There is no stopping a band on this kind of form & no ignoring just how good the album is.

Currents 2

In Vain – Currents Full Track Listing:

1. Seekers of the Truth 
2. Soul Adventurer 
3. Blood We Shed 
4. En Forgangen Tid (Times of Yore Pt. II)
5. Origin 
6. As the Black Horde Storms 
7. Standing on the Ground of Mammoths

You can pick up the album in a number of formats as well as merchandise via Indie Recordings here. Pick up the band’s earlier releases here, check them out on Spotify & via Apple Music below. You can find out more about In Vain on their website, Facebook Page, Twitter & watch videos on YouTube.


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In Vain - Currents (Indie Recordings)
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