Album Review: Karabas Barabas – Sex with the Devil (Self Released)

Brooklyn psychedelic, alternative rock trio Karabas Barabas released their second full length album, Sex With The Devil on December 22nd 2017.

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The title track kicks things off in wacky yet compelling fashion. Karabas Barabas are an oddity that share much in common with the likes of Primus. A mix of pyschedelic riffs, alternative sounds & bold experimentation.

The nursery rhyme style melody of Lahey is such a jarring effort, improved with a brief flash of heaviness. 50/50 has a bit of the Faith No More’s about it with a faster, rockier groove blended with explosive creativity. While Alcohol’s short catchiness is enjoyable as hell.

When Karabas Barabas get it right, they create experimental magic that has plenty of relevance in today’s modern rock sound. Catchy tunes like That 70’s Show, a track that could pass for a retro sitcom theme. Tunes like the faux-religious ‘Immaculate Convection’ and the sleazy, wacky groove of Fuckarana.

On occasion things do fail to light a fire such as on the bass-heavy & repetitive oddity that is You Can’t Do That. The penultimate track, High Five also struggles to create much excitement with its overly lengthy ballad, with only the guitars bringing things to life.

The innovative & unusual album closes out with a bit of quality groove confirming that Karabas Barabas are one of the most intriguing bands of the current rock scene.

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Karabas Barabas – Sex With The Devil Full Track Listing:

1. Sex With The Devil
2. Lahey
3. 50/50
4. Alcohol
5. That 70’s Show
6. Immaculate Convection
7. Fuckarana
8. You Can’t Do That
9. High Five
10. Jaques Lemaire

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You can pick up the album now over on Bandcamp, via Amazon above, stream it on Spotify and via Apple Music below. Find out more about Karabas Barabas on Facebook, keep up to date with their tour plans via BandsInTown and watch their videos on YouTube.


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Karabas Barabas - Sex with the Devil (Self Released)
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