Album Review: Unravel – Eras Of Forfeit (Testimony Records)

Crawling from the gutters of Perth, Western Australia in 2014, Unravel exhume the brutally-primal sledge hammer of old school death metal. Their debut album ‘Eras Of Forfeit’ will be released April 13th 2018 via Testimony Records.

Unravel 2

Brutalising…that’s what Eras of Forfeit is. Incredibly heavy, incredibly fast and incredibly addictive. Unravel pull out all the stops to deliver a crunchingly heavy, old-school slab of death metal.

You’ll know within the first two tracks, Arbitraitor and No Validation for Violation, if this is for you. A double that sets out the blueprint for the album as a whole. Short, punchy & visceral. The riffs strong enough to break bones and vocals intense enough to burn.

Unravel keep things short which allows them to throw their all into every single moment. Most tracks come in at around 2 minutes resulting in a whirlwind of noise. You’ll lose your mind to the likes of Reign of Wasps, Sycophant (the drop in tempo near the end is to die for) and Scorched.

Over far too soon, Eras of Forfeit’s assault closes out with the longest track of the album, Vermankind. A low, dirty and raging rhythm brings things to a heavy boiling point that threatens to blow up in everyone’s faces!



Unravel 1

Unravel – Eras of Forfeit Full Track Listing:

1. Arbitraitor
2. No Validation For Violation
3. Reign Of Wasps
4. Carcinogenesis
5. Sycophant
6. Isle Of Rot
7. Perpetual Servitude
8. Scorched
9. Fostering The Festering Spawn
10. Mortals’ Thirst
11. Vermankind

You can order the album via Bandcamp and via BigCartel. Find out more/keep up to date with news via Facebook and Instagram.

Unravel - Eras Of Forfeit (Testimony Records)
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