EP Review: Corpsehammer – Perversión (Morbid Skull Records)

Sweden based speedy putrid black/death metal act Corpsehammer are offering the final chapter of their EP trilogy entitled, Perversión. Out on April 13th 2018 via Morbid Skull Records.

Corpsehammer 2

Perversión is three tracks (plus an outro) of raw death/thrash based metal. Filthy sounding with a mix that is old-school garage style. You know, it sounds as though it may have been recorded on a tape deck in a garage? Like that but with a cleaner sound.

That’s not a slur as the rough edge works perfectly with the brutalising efforts of Corpsehammer.

After about a minute of spoken word & crashing instruments, Reino – Sangre del Diablo settles down into a comfortable noise assault that combines thrash based riffs with the speed and ‘in your face’ style death metal.

Both Rito & Magia and Sexo & Muerte follow that up with little in the way of variation but with thumping heaviness that impresses. The latter of the duo is a particular highlight thanks to the crunching rhythm.

…and just like that, it’s over. Super-short, the outro is about a minute of oppressive noise. The length of Perversión leaves you wanting more, much more. So on that note, Corpsehammer have succeeded.

Corpsehammer 1

Corpsehammer – Perversión Full Track Listing:

1. Reino – Sangre del Diablo
2. Rito & Magia
3. Sexo & Muerte
4. Tormento (Outro)

You can order the EP via Morbid Skull Records here. You can also buy tape bundles here and here. Find out more about Corpsehammer over on Facebook.

Corpsehammer - Perversión (Morbid Skull Records)
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