Album Review: Ultra-Violence – Operation Misdirection (Candlelight Records)

Italian thrash metal band Ultra-Violence are set to return on 27th July with their new album ‘Operation Misdirection’ through Candlelight Records. Described by lead vocalist Loris Castiglia as ‘the last chapter of a trilogy we started five years ago with our debut album’, this is their most mature set of songs to date.

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An album of savagery, Operation Misdirection is ten tracks of vile, high-tempo and unrelenting metal. The big difference between Ultra-Violence and most other thrash bands? They pack the album with rhythm and classic metal elements that leave you feeling enlightened and uplifted. Cadaver Decomposition Island is a sublime start, Welcome to the Freakshow’s punchy beat begs to be head-banged too and My Fragmented Self drops some complex guitar hooks while layering the vocals with a bit more evilness.

One of the best things about Operation Misdirection is just how unwilling Ultra-Violence are to stick to the thrash rules even though at its core, the album is a thrash album. The extra elements make for a much more exciting and enjoyable listen so they are certainly doing something right!

That being said, when they let it all out, the hair and fur fly! Nomophobia and Shining Perpetuity being perfect examples of the punch Ultra-Violence have. They are going to leave behind a few bruises.

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Ultra-Violence – Operation Misdirection Full Track Listing:

1. Cadaver Decomposition Island
2. Welcome To The Freakshow
3. My Fragmented Self
4. The Acrobat
5. Nomophobia
6. Money For Nothing
7. The Stain On My Soul Remains
8. Shining Perpetuity
9. Burning Through The Scars (Live At Domination Studio)
10. Spell Of The Moon (Live At Domination Studio)

You can order the album via Big Cartel here, via Candlelight Records here and listen to Cadaver Decomposition Island via Spotify here. Find out more by liking their Facebook Page and following them on Instagram.


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Ultra-Violence - Operation Misdirection (Candlelight Records)
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