Album Review: TreyHarsh – When The Sun Sets In The East (THRecords)

Northern France’s TreyHarsh are back with their second slab of brutal & downright heavy music, When the Sun Sets in the East. The album was released on April 7th 2017 via THRecords.

TreyHarsh 1

If you like your metal heavy, constant & filled with some nice sludge sound then look no further. When the Sun Sets in the East is everything your looking for & then some. It’s harsh, uncompromising sound is constant & while it doesn’t always tick all the right boxes there is plenty to enjoy.

Opening with The Family Tree, a slurry of crushing riffs & intense vocals ensures that if you were sitting comfortably before, you’re not anymore. Some added melody midway breaks up what is a lengthy opener. Thankfully the lengthier songs are few as this style of metal fits far better with shorter & punchier tracks like Death at the Door, With Steel We’ll Leave (awesome solo at the end) & Farewell.

When the Sun Sets in the East gets better as it goes on. The Taste ov Childhood has an awesome blasting chug before it kicks off into a really heavy beat driven on by the drums. While the first half of Father’s Bloodbath is just fantastic guitar trickery.

The constant high tempo pace would become tiresome with lesser bands but TreyHarsh knock it out of the park constantly. When the Sun Sets in the East is just filled with solid metal songs. The jerky guitar riffs never get old & it’s fascinating to hear just what comes next.

The album ends on the lengthy All Those Fool Gods which doesn’t try to change the formula but shows tremendous growth by the band over the length of the album. A strong finish to a record that isn’t going to change the metal world but is a great listen, none the less.

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TreyHarsh – When The Sun Sets In The East Full Track Listing:

1. The Family Tree
2. Death at the Door
3. Brothers and Haters
4. With Steel We’ll Leave
5. When the Sun Sets in the East
6. The Taste ov Childhood
7. Farewell
8. Father’s Bloodbath
9. Deer Woods
10. Son ov Sorrows
11. All Those Fool Gods

TreyHarsh’s When the Sun Sets in the East is out now & can be streamed/picked up via major streaming services. You can also pick up the album, merch & find out more about the band via their official website here. Pop over to Facebook & give them a like & listen to some of their music via Soundcloud, Reverbnation & YouTube.

TreyHarsh - When The Sun Sets In The East (THRecords)
  • The Final Score - 8/10
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