Album Review: TreaTmenT – Sagacity (Inverse Records)

Finnish progressive Thrash metal band TreaTmenT was originally formed in 2005. After some name and line-up changes they settled in 2017 and the current line-up was born.

After so much time, finally the band’s debut album ‘Sagacity’ sees daylight on May 22nd 2020 via Inverse Records.

Worth the wait? It certainly seems so as Foreshadowed does exactly what the title suggests. Building up the intrigue and possibility of something much more epic then your standard thrash fare. In fact, the intro could have been ripped straight from any power metal album, such is the bombastic battle-ready nature of it.

Which does lead into Hermes, a hard-hitting riffy number that delivers on its thrashy promise but is less about speeding fury, instead delivering a measured tune. The sudden and unexpected melodic drop is a little odd, especially as it kicks back into a screeching guitar solo so quickly.

It is a damn fine track though. As is the meaner kick of As Above So Below, jagged sharpness of Fragmented Self and thick noise of The Truth. Strong guitar work, energetic drumming and a mix of clean and powerful vocals.

Continuing to push the boundaries of thrash, Thrice is a much more melody driven effort. The vocals pained and drawn out, something that is certainly a highlight of Sagacity. Whereas Chokehold has a much more aggressive stance and Card 53 has a melodramatic start that explodes into chunky and hooky life before diving into a carnival style sound.

Having more then delivered a great experience, it’s interesting to see TreaTmenT go even further to challenge themselves and us. Dorian Gray is near 9 minutes long and quite a wandering effort. Flashes of serious heaviness, the TreaTmenT hunk of riffs and the feeling that what they are doing is far grander then it seems.

Finally, it’s another huge one with Oppression which stops just short of 8 minutes. Here, you could argue that the formula is getting a little tired. Lacking variety and certainly not as impactful as what came before. It’s not a bad track, it’s just one that maybe could have been cut down or left off altogether and it wouldn’t harm the overall quality of the album.

TreaTmenT – Sagacity Full Track Listing:

1. Foreshadowed
2. Hermes
3. As Above So Below
4. Fragmented Self
5. The Truth
6. Thrice
7. Chokehold
8. Card 53
9. Dorian Gray
10. Oppression


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TreaTmenT - Sagacity (Inverse Records)
  • The Final Score - 7.5/10
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