Album Review: Torture Squad – Far Beyond Existence (Brutal Records)

Ruthless Brazilian four-piece, Torture Squad have had a lengthy career already having been born in 1990. Seven albums, two live releases and three EPs later, it’s time for Torture Squad to make the world aware of their existence again. On the 30th March 2018, the band will release Far Beyond Existence via Brutal Records.

Torture Squad 2

10 tracks of old-school death and thrash metal, Don’t Cross My Path makes a hell of an early statement. The savagery on show is one thing but the incredible tempo switches & clever progression makes it required listening for anyone who enjoys death & thrash mixed together.

The high quality continues with the intense drum beat of No Fate, the unmitigated heaviness of Blood Sacrifice and the assault-like Steady Hands. Torture Squad deliver enormous thrash riffs with death metal sensations, an extreme album for extreme times.

More then just noise, Hate and the title track are incendiary in their approach, fiery in their aggression but with a goal. Torture Squad have created an album that might be old-school but it is sounding incredibly relevant.

For most of the album, your washed away on a strong wave of blasting drums, chugging riffs and booming bass. These instruments working in tandem with the ferocity of the gutteral vocals. Occasionally though the combo falls momentarily flat such as during Cursed By Disease. These moments are easy to zone out of but thankfully Torture Squad always have something up their sleeve to drag you back in.

You Must Proclaim’s no-nonsense approach to death metal while firing off thrashy tempo changes & a smattering of guitar highs is one thing. Area 51’s meaty groove and blackened fury is another. A double header to finish off a fantastic effort.

Torture Squad 1

Torture Squad – Far Beyond Existance Full Track Listing:

1. Don’t Cross My Path
2. No Fate
3. Blood Sacrifice
4. Steady Hands
5. Hate
6. Hero for the Ages
7. Far Beyond Existence
8. Cursed By Disease
9. You Must Proclaim
10. Area 51

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You can stream the album via Apple Music below. Find out more via Brutal Records website, Torture Squad’s website, Facebook and watch some of their videos on YouTube.


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Torture Squad - Far Beyond Existence (Brutal Records)
  • The Final Score - 8.5/10
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