Album Review: Torchia – Of Curses and Grief (Concorde Music Company)

Of Curses and Grief is the debut album from Torchia. A band that is all about uncommon metal, melodies, speed, solo’s and danger but with modern experience. The album is out on October 27th 2017 via Concorde Music Company.

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With a burst of screeching riffs, furious drumming & screaming vocals, Of Curses and Grief gets the metal party started. With a traditional metal edge wrapped up in a more modern & brutal sound, it’s a start that gets the neck muscles moving.

After the ferocity of that start, it comes something of a surprise (a good one) to see Shame bringing some uplifting melody to the forefront. Alongside a screaming solo, it’s an early contender for track of the album.

No matter if it’s thrashy riffs, speeding solos, earth-shattering drum beats, bass hooks that draw blood or death metal like guttural vocals, Torchia deliver on all fronts.

The album continues the good work laid down with the fist-pumping catchiness of Headshot, the blazing hot speed & wickedly good riffing of Fury, the roaring guitar solo & melody of Ending Beginning and the crushing heaviness of Light My Path.

The album comes to the close with Wish for More & Dark and Cold. The former a bang your head, throw the horns slab of metal. The latter, one more ‘leave nothing standing’ intensity filled speed metal finale.

Of Curses and Grief may not be anything particularly new or fresh in the thrash/speed/death metal genre but Torchia have produced a wickedly good ten track album that will see you coming back time & time again.

Torchia 2

Torchia – Of Curses and Grief Full Track Listing:

2. Face of Hate
3. Shame
4. Headshot
5. My Land Shall Burn
6. Fury
7. Ending Beginning
8. Light My Path
9. Wish for More
10. Dark and Cold

Of Curses and Grief will be available via all major streaming services. You can already listen to Headshot via Spotify & Apple Music below. Keep up to date with news via their website, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. You can also listen to Torchia’s music on Soundcloud & YouTube.

Torchia – Of Curses and Grief (Concorde Music Company)
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