Album Review: Tombstoner – Victims of Vile Torture (Redefining Darkness Records)

Following on from their Descent to Madness EP, Tombstoner return with their debut full-length album ‘Victims of Vile Torture’. Out on July 30th, 2021 via Redefining Records.

Don’t put Tombstoner in a corner, they’re undefinable. Throwing a ton of metal genres into a blender and spitting out their own sound. From death metal to thrash metal to hardcore to grindcore to slam… Victims of Vile Torture is an apt title. We’re the victims and Tombstoner are dishing out the vile torture.

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40-odd minutes of hostility, Tombstoner’s belligerence is damn infectious. It’s music that aims to crush, and crush it does. However, thanks to a ton of variety, that constant beatdown never gets old.



Sometimes Tombstoner are just outright assaulting the senses (Sledgehammer, Fractured Souls, Nothing’s Sacred), at others it’s all about getting the head-banging going (Breaking Point, Frozen in Fear) and at others, it’s all about chaotic heaviness (Grave Dancer, Armageddon). One thing you can guarantee is that your brain will be mush, come the end.

It’s a brutal debut album, the sort that gets heavy metal fans to sit up and take notice.

Tombstoner – Victims of Vile Torture Full Track Listing:

1. Victims of Vile Torture
2. Sledgehammer
3. Breaking Point
4. Fractured Souls
5. Grave Dancer
6. Nothing’s Sacred
7. Frozen in Fear
8. Armageddon
9. The Witch
10. Trepidation


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Tombstoner - Victims of Vile Torture (Redefining Darkness Records)
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