Album Review: Thurisaz – Re-Incentive (Self Released)

With a career spanning over two decades, Belgium’s Thurisaz is a band that, like so many other bands with such longevity, has had its fair share of bumps along the road.

The story behind their forthcoming album ‘Re-Incentive’ started a couple of years ago… A dear friend of the band was coping with severe depression. Working a dead-end job for several years, he went from burned out to depressed. It’s a nasty, poisonous thing, depression…  During that time one of the band members, as well as another good friend from the band, had to deal with a break-up. So when the band sat down and discussed the theme of the new songs, they decided to go with a concept-like album covering the darkness one feels when dealing with the feelings of depression and heartbreak.

Working around these concepts while living through such turbulent period of time wasn’t easy for the band and songs took some time to be completed as Thurisaz had to write them, ditch them all together and rewrite them before finally being satisfied with the end result.

Overcoming the trials and tribulations of a seasoned band, this album really showcases Thurisaz in the best shape of their career. It is out on the 1st September 2020.

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It’s a strong concept for Thurisaz to work with and one that many people can relate to. Yet, In-Balance’s punchy rhythm is surprisingly hopeful and uplifting. At least at first, until the band showcase their epic and melodic blackened death-infused metal side. Over 10 minutes long, it runs the entire gambit of what a grandiose and thought-provoking slab of modern metal can sound like.

There’s no time for a breather as The Veil’s ringing guitars rip straight in, followed by the grand symphony of Monologue. The latter is particularly emotional and affecting.

The grandiose Illuminight and the dark, slightly psychedelic Exemption is Thurisaz showcasing two different but equally strong examples of their powers. Before the dreamy and emotive melodies of Isle of No-Man ring out and Eternity Expires lifts the spirits to highs that make you believe there is an end to the darkness.


Thurisaz – Re-Incentive Full Track Listing:

1. In-Balance
2. The Veil
3. Monologue
4. Illuminight
5. Exemption
6. Isle Of No-Man
7. Eternity Expires…


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Thurisaz - Re-Incentive (Self Released)
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