Album Review: Through Mists – Branches (Self Released)

One-man band, Through Mists will release the new album, ‘Branches’ on July 12th, 2024, An album that explores the concept of family, personal growth and changes to many lives for the better.

Becoming a parent can significantly change a person and alter their lives completely, and it is this change that Through Mists explores on this new album. Continuing to showcase a creatively extreme metal sound, twisted by an eccentric progressive edge. It might only feature five tracks, but Branches packs a punch and like previous work, ensures a mental workout.

Still one of the most impressive things about Through Mists is the fact that it’s all the work of one man, and with garish intention, he kicks this record off in emphatic style with My Muse. Fast drumming, wacked out riffs, scowling vocals, and a burgeoning sense of atmosphere ensures the album has immediate impact.

It’s the progressive wildness of Through Mists sound that helps make Branches sound distinct, but even then, the limits of imagination are pushed and there is no better example of this than Catharsis. Not only is it blisteringly heavy, but it has some mighty weird moments, and descends into near-nonsensical chaos as it goes on. The line between genius and madness is pretty damn faded here.



If you’re familiar with Through Mists, then you’ll be all to aware of the challenging nature of the music that comes from the artist. Not only is that to be expected, but it is to be championed. No one wants just another extreme record, and it’s why the title track stands out with its disconcerting melodic infusions. It’s also why Wormwood and an extensive display of instrumental wickedness is so compelling, especially when you remember what inspired this record too.

You have to admire Through Mists’ dedication to being creatively challenging as there is no doubt that a more simplified approach would have wider spread appeal but be far less interesting because of this. There may be no better example of the unique flavour of this band than the mammoth finale of Neophyte. An exceptional piece that pushes and pulls the mind with force, confounding the senses, and providing a consistent level of aural manipulation through both heaviness and melody. It’s bloody weird, but it is quite wonderful.

Which is becoming a bit of a statement about Through Mists overall.

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Through Mists – Branches Track Listing:

1. My Muse
2. Catharsis
3. Branches
4. Wormwood
5. Neophyte


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Through Mists – Branches (Self Released)
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