Album Review: Thrasherwolf – We Are Revolution (Self Released)

Thrash metal has always been the war cry of the underdog, the overdriven aggression and riff-fuelled fury of the outsider – determined and defiant in the face of all odds, no matter how insurmountable. Raised on a raw meat diet of Metallica, Slayer and Kreator, Thrasherwolf are the new breed of British thrash, following in the footsteps of their honoured forebears like Xentrix, Onslaught and Acid Reign.

The London band’s full length debut, We Are Revolution will be released on the 19th September 2020.

A stirring intro, a speech about rising up against the subjugation of our masters, gives way to the thumping thrash heavyweight that is War. A track that is 11:32 in length. Yes, you read that correctly but such is the way of revolution. A call to arms, a demand that you pick up your tools and weapons, march out of your front door and go into battle for what’s right. As an anthem to the chaos that will come, it’s a very vibrant slab of metal. The blood pumps that little bit faster, the heart races along to the riffs and the drum beat makes your step that much more buoyant.

Try and deny the urge to head-bang, it won’t happen especially as Thrasherwolf keep things fast and heavy for Vortex and The Pack. The former a swirling assault of intensely driven thrash and the latter a frantic, short blast to the head. Akin to be walloped around the back of the head unexpectedly.

An album packed with killer riffs, it just gets better with Good Old Fashioned. An absolute belter that builds up in a thrilling way before unleashing a marvellous torrent of thrash metal heaviness. If you’ve not pledged your allegiance to Thrasherwolf at this stage, you probably believe we’re being controlled by lizard people.

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Both Vermilion Steel and Vanity help hammer the heavy nail home. The former is like having a bunch of furious bees buzzing around inside the skull and the latter is old-school methodical heaviness that freshens things up a bit at this late stage.

If you were perhaps getting a bit sick of the high tempo stuff (how could you be?) then Thrasherwolf have the answer for you with the first and last couple of minutes of Ruin. A thrumming and echoing rhythm with clean vocals, it’s certainly a surprise. It does ‘heavy’ up in the middle but it’s not what most will remember about this track.

Although, Thrasherwolf are at their best when they’re simply going all out as the finale of Blood Moon shows. Another impressive thrash epic that is the perfect closer for such a ripping release.

Thrasherwolf – We Are Revolution Full Track Listing:

1. Words of Revolution
2. War
3. Vortex
4. The Pack
5. Good Old Fashioned Violence
6. Vermilion Steel
7. Vanity
8. Ruin
9. Blood Moon



Thrasherwolf - We Are Revolution (Self Released)
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