Album Review: Cross Bringer – The Signs Of Spiritual Delusion (Consouling Sounds)

Formed in 2019, Cross Bringer is a new band founded by members of Euglena and The Homeless is Dead. Despite the vast kilometers separating the members (who are currently located in Belgium and Russia), they managed to record their debut album The Sign of Spiritual Delusion, now scheduled to be released September 18th 2020 via Consouling Sounds.

Building the atmosphere, it’s only at the end of Prayer and into The Battle of the Weak that Cross Bringer let the façade drop to reveal a band with a blackened heart. A cold and shrivelled thing that has little to no good will left. Instead it is filled with hate and savage intentions which is exuded through the flesh of Cross Bringer.

With an uncouth and raw sound, they fly through a cacophony of horrifying efforts. Supplication – Sacrament where there is a nice post-ring, The Sun Ritual’s short ambience, Temptation Of Naivety (Untamable Black Dog) short blast of brutality and Torture Incantation’s no relief and no release approach to intensifying metal.

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…and then it’s over! With one last blazing inferno of hate-fuelled blackness in the form of Self-Inflicted Martyrdom it leaves you begging for more suffering.

Cross Bringer – The Sign of Spiritual Delusion Full Track Listing:

1. Prayer
2. The Battle Of The Weak
3. Supplication – Sacrament
4. The Sun Ritual
5. Temptation Of Naivety (Untamable Black Dog)
6. Torture Incantation
7. Self-Inflicted Martyrdom




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Cross Bringer - The Signs Of Spiritual Delusion (Consouling Sounds)
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