Album Review: The Oneira – Injection (Rockshots Records)

Led by the Greek multi-instrumentalist Filippos Gougoumis, The Oneria is a multi-cultural project with members from across Greece, Italy, and Germany. The word oneira means “dreams” in Greek to symbolize the willpower of flying across the universe with music.

Following their highly acclaimed albums ‘Hyperconscious’ (2014) and ‘Natural Prestige’ (2011), their new album “Injection” marks a further step towards a more mature and complex sound. It is out on March 13th 2020 via Rockshot Records.

So very engaging, The Oneria fill the soul up with light as they introduce us to their new album with the dreamy Still Free to Choose. With strong rock rhythm, the lighter and breezy effects really lift. A classy and absorbing start.

The sense of lightness is even better in the following Know that Feeling and Edipsos is so mellow it could lull you to sleep. No complaints though as this is music to relax too.

With a bit of synth, heavier riffs and some spectacular added effects, Behind the Sun is a work of art. That it is then complimented by the chilled and feel-good 80’s synth vibes of Make My Day is the icing on the cake.

Feeling good? You should be by this point but just in case you need even more convincing The Oneria have even more wonders to show you. The tranquil and morose vibes of Paint Your Soul, the thoughtful tone of Trust No One, the epic feel of Over the Mountain and the utterly transcendent finale of the title track.

One of the most unique albums of the year. It’s ability to lift the mind and soul can’t be understated which is why it is easily one the best albums of the year already.

The Oneria – Injection Full Track Listing:

1. Still Free To Choose
2. Know That Feeling
3. Edipsos
4. Behind The Sun
5. Make My Day
6. Paint Your Soul
7. Trust No One
8. Over The Mountain
9. Injection


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The Oneira - Injection (Rockshots Records)
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