Album Review: The Drippers – Scandinavian Thunder (The Sign Records)

Swedish action rock outfit The Drippers will release their second full-length studio album ‘Scandinavian Thunder’ on December 17th, 2021.

Viktor, bass player and vocalist of The Drippers, comments:

Scandinavian Thunder is the ultimate record that we wanted to make, we wanted to push everything to the max. The idea was to make the punky filth blend with the authoritarian power of hard rock, all with a straightforward Rock n’ Roll drive. The songs are kinda catchy and structured, we set it up to be a controlled chaos. With the state of the world, we had so much frustration to channel and it gave us that extra spark. The screams on the album are from the bottom of our souls. Tomas Skogsberg stepped up into another level of producing on this one, he really took on the George Martin role and was super involved in every detail. He would push us until our fingers and vocal chords were bleeding, and in the end it paid off. Get ready for some Scandinavian Thunder!

Get those boogieing shoes on, The Drippers want you up and moving about. Hard to argue with them when you hear such energetic punk-infused rock music as is featured on Scandinavian Thunder.

From the punky and hyperactive 5 Day Blues (2 Day Boogie), to the snarling and snarky Overload, to the groovier and chorus-driven No Stars, and Time for Some Action’s foot-tapping and head-banging energy. The Drippers ‘drip’ scuzzy punk and good-time rock and roll vibes.

They don’t slow down for even a second, burning through Time for Some Action and Racing Down a Dead End with all the care of an out-of-control truck. Though, they’re far less chaotic, this is a more measured and thought-out path of destruction.

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Rollin’ Aces is a track, amongst many others, that really does give off a Motörhead vibe. Draparshuffle drags you back to your feet, ignoring the pleas of having tired legs and Shit Island Showdown gest up close and personal for a spitting and grooving listen. Another set of quality rock songs from The Drippers.

They’re not quite done yet though, thankfully, as they go for dirtier groove with passionate outbursts on Deadbeat Groove. Before ending things in classic, noisy fashion with Feel the Darkness. A track that ticks all the right boxes for their sound and ending things in consistently high fashion.

The Drippers – Scandinavian Thunder Full Track Listing:

1. 5 Day Blues (2 Day Boogie)
2. Overload
3. No Stars
4. Time for Some Action
5. Shine No Light
6. Racing Down a Dead End
7. Rollin’ Aces
8. Draparshuffle
9. Shit Island Showdown
10. Deadbeat Groove
11. Feel the Darkness


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The Drippers - Scandinavian Thunder (The Sign Records)
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