Album Review: Gentlemen’s Crow – Apparitions (Self Released)

Gentlemen’s Crow hails from Saint Augustine, Florida. In the heat of the southeast, the band have spent time conjuring their unique blend of rock, indie, alternative, psych, and metal. Their debut album ‘Apparitions’ will be released on January 28th, 2022.

It doesn’t take too long for Gentlemen’s Crow to unleash the full might of their capabilities. The initial hard rocking riff and drum combo of Let You Get Away gives way to a track that seems to struggle for an identity. It’s a little but rock, a little bit psychedelic, a little bit grungy, a little bit post and a little bit stoner. Putting it mildly, there’s a lot going on in this opener but it creates enough excitement to ensure most will continue on.

Things settle with Scraping Truth, a wicked blend of riffs, melody and dreamy sounds. A track that has a much more relaxed approach but still delivers enough rocking groove to energise the soul. It’s followed by an alt-rock infusion called Did I Get the Picture? and the indie-infused, psych-tinged, and foot-tapping Taxi.To.Your.Toxic.Lover.

Any confusion over just what Gentlemen’s Crow are is beginning to fade at this stage as it becomes clearer and clearer, they are anything and everything they want to be. It’s that level of experimentation that makes Apparitions such an interesting listen. The feeling of never knowing what you’re going to get next.

Comical is arguably the most relaxed Gentlemen’s Crow sounds on the album, the melody being super pleasing. Whereas Parallel West is a ball of rocking energy that switches tempo with ease, mixing groove with abrasive melody and more. A continuation of the eccentricity that exists in every fibre of this album and band. Before Driving Away (from the real me) reintroduces more psychedelic sounds with something that is reminiscent of the noughties desert rock scene.

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The question marks are gone. This is a banging album and further proof of that comes with Quandary’s bassy hooks, eerie tones and increasingly hot groove. Before Howlin’ wraps things up with a frenetic blast of rocking riffs, punchy drums and grungy-style vocals.

Once the initial shock of the opener is out of the way, Apparitions proves itself to be one hell of a debut album. What seemed like a hodgepodge of too many ideas quickly becomes a creative and clever release. Bravo Gentlemen’s Crow.

Gentlemen’s Crow – Apparitions Full Track Listing:

1. Let You Get Away
2. Scraping Truth
3. Did I Get the Picture?
4. Taxi.To.Your.Toxic.Lover
5. Comical
6. Parallel West
7. Driving Away (from the real me)
8. Quandary
9. Howlin’


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Gentlemen's Crow - Apparitions (Self Released)
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