Album Review: The Bloody Mallard – Realm (Self Released)

The Bloody Mallard is a London-based heavy psych, prog and alt-rock project from guitarist, Tom Walding. After experimenting with melodies, rhythms and tones that were reminiscent of many mushroom trips in rural Kent, the sonic segments finally formed into songs which turned into the album, ‘Realm’. Out on Friday 8th May 2020.

Like sunlight dappling through the trees, the comforting guitar melody that begins Haemoglobin is relaxing. However, there are dark clouds drawing in and with a doomier edge The Bloody Mallard are the increasing wind. An eclectic effort that gives it a post soundscape moving through psychedelia and doom with ease, played out in strong instrumental style. 11 minutes go by in a blur of colourful noise.

It’s a shorter and more focused effort with Subject to Entropy where the guitar tone rings through the skull. Before The Bloody Mallard offers up a mellow 2-minute trip with Reversion, a very peaceful effort that puts the mind at ease. All in preparation for Noble Rot, which goes into a higher gear in flashes while eerie and soothing melodies play out.

Unsurprisingly Ceremonious Sinapsis (i) and Ceremonious Synapsis (ii) keep up with the wide-ranging variety. The former showing some liveliness within the wandering rhythm and riffs while the latter has a darker and chillier tone overall. Both tracks working in tandem while being obviously different.

They are the big hitters (aside from the opening track) as Realm wraps up with the 3-minute finale of Dawn. Creating a passive image that feels warm and welcoming but also a clear end to the journey.

The Bloody Mallard – Realm Full Track Listing:

1. Haemoglobin
2. Subject To Entropy
3. Reversion
4. Noble Rot
5. Ceremonious Sinapsis (i)
6. Ceremonious Synapsis (ii)
7. Dawn




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The Bloody Mallard – Realm (Self Released)
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