Album Review: Heron – Time Immemorial (Sludgelord Records)

In the spring of 2014, Heron was conjured into being in a damp basement somewhere in East Vancouver, Canada. Combining four veterans of the independent music scene to date, Heron has released two EPs and two full length albums of their own, as well as appeared on several compilations and splits.

Each of Heron’s albums are available in a variety of media formats, including digital, cassette, compact disc, 7” vinyl, and 12” vinyl. These have been released independently and through partnerships with labels such as Sludgelord Records and Coup Sur Coup Records.

The latest being ‘Time Immemorial’ released on vinyl on May 15th 2020 via Sludgelord Records.



Beginning with moody atmosphere, the slow crawl towards the filthy heaviness that embodies Time Immemorial is drawn out to excruciating levels. When it does finally break a couple of minutes into Long in the Tooth, the relief is palatable. Only to be replaced with the crushing weight of Heron’s doomy death sound. Gaining pace and momentum, the riffs get more jagged and the phlegmy vocals rougher.

Following that effort, Death on the Malahat is much shorter but a much meatier slab of heavy. Before Boiling Ancient Light’s riffs reverberate around the skull with intense fuzz and feedback. An utterly disgusting level of buzzing noise.

The thick and sinewy sound that embodies this album begins to choke in Void Eater, even with flashes of a higher tempo. Wolverine Blues might be super short by Heron standards but its doomy carnage is no relief. Whereas Endless is an apt title for a finale as the murkiness clouds the senses. Leaving a feeling of disembodiment and a feeling that Heron have complete control over how long your suffering will last and it will last for an endless amount of time.

Heron – Time Immemorial Full Track Listing:

1. Long in the Tooth
2. Death on the Malahat
3. Boiling Ancient Light
4. Void Eater
5. Wolverine Blues
6. Endless


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Heron - Time Immemorial (Sludgelord Records)
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