Album Review: The Alligator Wine – Demons of the Mind (Century Media Records)

Vintage Rock duo The Alligator Wine proudly announce, that their debut album ‘Demons Of The Mind’ will be released on April 24th via Century Media Records.

The Alligator Wine take you to a psychedelic journey into a dark yet groovy space. Inspired by early 70s music, horror movies and fashion those two guys from the Black Forest pump out everything from creepy dark tunes to 70s disco grooves. But The Alligator Wine manage to merge their deep spaces and distorted grooves into supercatchy and great songs that can spice up any party or funeral! And the coolest part: It’s only two people and there are no guitars at all!

They just need a Hammond organ, a Moog bass, Drums and a lot of weird effects to create their unique sound.

No guitars? I don’t know how I feel about that. Can The Alligator Wine really deliver a vintage rock sound without them? The answer is categorically yes.

Demons of the Mind is an absolute blast that has such an antique rock and roll sound put through a modern sieve of instrumentation. Kicking off with two quite different sounding tracks; the energetic groove of Shotgun and the melancholic mood of Crocodile Inn. Both tracks offering varying experiences but both really standing out for their quality.

Utilising the organ to such great effect, Voodoo puts a silly smile on the face before Ten Million Slaves shows off an ethereal, effects heavy beat with thought-provoking vocals and lyrics. Again, another pair that show off the unique and eclectic stylings of The Alligator Wine.

It’s a return to the more upbeat and energetic bounce with The Flying Carousel, a track that sounds positively ripped from a different era. Followed by the encouraging psychedelic eeriness of Lorane and cloudy mellowness of Dream Eyed Little Girl.

The baffling yet so interesting experience wraps up with the body-shaking psych fun of Mamãe and super-relaxed prettiness of Sweethearts on Fire. Absolutely wonderful and a truly unforgettable release.

The Alligator Wine – Demons of the Mind Full Track Listing:

1. Shotgun
2. Crocodile Inn
3. Voodoo
4. Ten Million Slaves
5. The Flying Carousel
6. Lorane
7. Dream Eyed Little Girl
8. Mamãe
9. Sweetheart On Fire


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The Alligator Wine – Demons of the Mind (Century Media Records)
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