Album Review: THÅRN – Collisions (Surviving Sounds/Trepanation Recordings)

THÅRN are powerful new contenders in Britain’s thriving post-metal scene. Formed just prior to global lockdowns before ever playing a show, the London based duo could have easily called it quits right there, but persevered to write and record their hard-hitting debut album Collisions.

Through little hype or promotion, THÅRN have captured the attention of both Surviving Sounds and Trepanation Recordings, who have become so enamored that they’ve decided to co-release Collisions on different physical formats together, which will be released on November 12th 2021.

How do THÅRN plan to get your attention? By releasing an album that combines sludge and fuzzy metal with post-hardcore expulsions and a thick layer of blackened atmosphere. By delivering a mood-altering and uncomfortable sound shot directly into the brain. That’s what Collisions is, an apt title, as it shows THÅRN’s different ideas and influences colliding in chaotic fashion.



Don’t let the fact that this album is only 4-tracks long fool you. It’s a gargantuan release that sucks the energy out of you. That’s the sludge part of their sound, the stuff you will find yourself sinking into. Whereas the post-hardcore part should offer some respite, THÅRN use it to push you down even further into the mire. Unyielding pressure, weight bearing down and crushing the air out of your lungs.

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That’s just what you experience on the opener and shortest track, The Way. Now imagine what the following three tracks will do to your body, mind and soul? It might be wholly uncomfortable and darkness inducing but it is THÅRN making their music so encouraging to listen too. Who wants to feel good anyway? THÅRN are expressing themselves through a combination of savage heaviness and morose post melody and in their own special way, it is beautiful.

THÅRN – Collisions Full Track Listing:

1. The Way
2. Replacements
3. Mute
4. Shadow Of Another


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THÅRN - Collisions (Surviving Sounds/Trepanation Recordings)
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