Album Review: Terminalist – The Great Acceleration (Indisciplinarian)

The world is ruled by speed. Speed which drives history forward in a state of ever-increasing acceleration. Such is the central claim of dromology; a theory of speed originated by French philosopher Paul Virilio (1932-2018). It is on this premise that the new Danish-American Sci-fi thrashers Terminalist base their conceptual universe.

On their debut album ‘The Great Acceleration’, they bring the dromocratic philosophy together with their own science fiction narratives as they describe a world in crisis and a planet in collapse being abandoned in favor of colonization of space.

The album will be released on May 7th, 2021 on vinyl, tape and digital formats via Indisciplinarian.

Blazing blackened thrash but with a twist, Terminalist burst forth from their conceptual universe with domination in their eyes. The fiery pace of Relentless Alteration; sharp pointed and short… it gets across the intent of this band while having an exciting build to the mammoth offerings that will follow.

Talking of which… Terminal Dispatch is buzz-saw riffs, phlegm-covered guttural vocals and chunky thrashiness. Head-banging gold. Kept frantic and furious for over 5 minutes. It’s then followed by the humongous Invention of the Shipwreck, a track that is almost 11 minutes long but goes some way to selling the sci-fi narrative. While also being a blackened slab of intense metal, its methodical approach to building a darkened scene layered with futuristic imagery is stunning.

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Normally this kind of world-building is associated with progressive or technical death metal so it’s a real breath of fresh air to have something so relentlessly thrashy instead.

Estranged Reflection keeps the frenetic pace and serrated riffs, solo bursts and chunky percussion at the forefront. The slow dissipation at the end keeping things fresh and preparing the mind for the 9+ minute finale of Dromocracy. A powerful and savage assault on the metal senses, its sustained heaviness doesn’t diminish its slower and blacker approach. Very dark, very delicious and very enjoyable.

Terminalist – The Great Acceleration Full Track Listing:

1. Relentless Alteration
2. Terminal Dispatch
3. Invention of the Shipwreck
4. Estranged Reflection
5. Dromocracy


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Terminalist - The Great Acceleration (Indisciplinarian)
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