Album Review: Teramaze – Eli: A Wonderful Fall From Grace (Wells Music)

Australian prog-metal band Teramaze will release their eagerly anticipated 11th album, Eli: A Wonderful Fall from Grace, on May 24th via Wells Music.

Not just a prolific band, but a consistent band when it comes to quality, Teramaze continue to showcase why they are one of prog-metal’s most beloved bands with their latest epic release, Eli: A Wonderful Fall from Grace.

It is every bit the Teramaze so many people have come to love, but also filled with all manner of boundary pushing elements. While Eli: A Wonderful Fall from Grace does have a familiarity about it, it proves again that this band are always finding fresh and creative ways to push their sound in new directions.

That’s just one aspect of this band, and this new album, that is so lovable. Another is how intricate the music is. Teramaze really do take the listener on a deep and detailed journey here. Offering up an array of sounds that captivate, tracks that don’t sit in one specific genre, and progressive vitality that ensures monotony never sets in, even when they’re dropping songs that are nearly 15-minutes long.

With moving melodies that twist and turn in the wind of Teramaze’s power, robust heavier rhythms that add some meat to the bones of their drama-laced sound, big atmospheres, dreamy lulls, eccentric flair that hooks deeply, and a thick vein of grandeur running through the entire album, this is yet another outstanding release from this band.

Almost every track is an epic in its own way, and while there is no desensitisation, smartly, Teramaze break up the album with an effectively ambient piece (I Mantissa) and a shortish blast of energy (Standing Ovation) that has a more accessible tone. Albeit, from their unique progressive stance. The touches that make all the difference, keeping the album flow thick and strong.

It’s all about the depth though, and this album is unfathomably deep. Few bands are capable of delivering ordered music with so many peaks and valleys, so many sudden twists and sharp turns, so much heart and soul. Simply calling it vast, doesn’t do the size and scope of their creative skills justice, and this new album is exceptionally creative.

But you already know that, after all, Teramaze have been doing this for a long time and they somehow make it seem so easy. Few other bands, even in the progressive metal world, can produce something as ambitious as this album. Hell, the finale of A Wonderful Fall from Grace is so substantial by itself, it proves their ambition unequivocally before the rest of the gargantuan release is considered.

You don’t have to love progressive metal to love this album, such is the high aptitude Teramaze has for crafting unforgettable music.

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Teramaze – Eli: A Wonderful Fall from Grace Track Listing:

1. A Place Called Halo
2. The Will of Eli
3. Step Right Up
4. I Mantissa
5. Madam Roma
6. Standing Ovation
7. Hands Are Tied
8. A Wonderful Fall from Grace


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Teramaze - Eli: A Wonderful Fall From Grace (Wells Music)
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