EP Review: Cathari – It Will Hurt the Entire Time You Are Alive (Self Released)

Originating from the heart of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Cathari has rapidly ascended over the last two years, shifting styles away from their doom metal roots to emerge as a formidable force in the realm of noisecore. Now, Cathari returns with ‘It Will Hurt the Entire Time You Are Alive’, marking their first studio offering since their transition into a new soundscape. The EP is scheduled to be released May 24th, 2024.

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I don’t know this band, so I can’t compare what they’re doing now with what they did before. Going from doom metal to noisecore is one hell of a shift in style, but when it results in something so intense and horrible, nobody is losing. Cathari are a noisy bunch, but even a word like that underplays the extreme values of this EP. It’s raw and nasty, Cathari unable to contain their rage, and letting it all spew out across four devastatingly wicked tracks.

Tracks that get longer as the EP goes on, going from blistering and brutalising mania with Philadelphia. To the sound of nonsensical sweaty speed and body-blasting heaviness with It Will Hurt. Before Weight takes the tempo in a different direction, but ends up making the noise so prominent, it’s downright uncomfortable.

Is it good? It’s something, that much is for sure, and it does have an addictive quality. Even if the finale of Don’t Fear Death might just be a bit too egregious for this style of music. Coming in at over six-minutes in length, having punk and hardcore vibes infused in it, and with metal layers, it’s a tough one to stay attentive to. Even if, like the EP as a whole, it does warrant multiple listens.

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Cathari – It Will Hurt the Entire Time You Are Alive Track Listing:

1. Philadelphia
2. It Will Hurt
3. Weight
4. Don’t Fear Death


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Cathari - It Will Hurt the Entire Time You Are Alive (Self Released)
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