Album Review: Tarmak – Plow (Self Released)

Tarmak are a post-rock / post-metal trio, from Ghent (Belgium), and on the 21st May they self-released their debut album ‘Plow’.

Not quite post as you know it, Tarmak delve into a myriad of modern sounds and many musical elements to bring their 4-track album to life. The instrumental chug of Krater is very meaty sounding and the vocals that arrive a little later add some ethereal other-worldliness to it.

Something that grows as the track becomes more wandering and detailed as it goes on. It makes the oddity of Petanque such an intriguing listen. The melodic guitars, the eclectic drum beat, the bassy thrums… it’s very appealing.

Taking of appealing…

Krampus, the longest track of the four, really show Tarmak for what they are. The trio’s combination of eerie rhythm, gut-rumbling bass and frantic jabs of drumming creating a hell of a racket. This is the rabbit hole and we’re all falling down it, picking up speed as we plunge to an unknown destination.

That destination is reached with Toton, one last extensive yet concise meander through the post-mind of Tarmak.

Captivating stuff.

Tarmak – Plow Full Track Listing:

1. Krater
2. Petanque
3. Krampus
4. Toton




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