Album Review: Tableau Mort – Visio in Somniis (Cult Of Parthenope)

London, UK based black metal band, Tableau Mort return from the darkness of the past few years with their brand-new album, Visio in Somniis. Due for release on May 6th, 2022.

We’re no strangers to Tableau Mort. In fact, they have the distinct ‘honour’ of being a band we went to see live during the ‘sit-down, limited capacity shows’ segment of the pandemic. Not only that, they’ve appeared on the reaction part of our YouTube channel. So it is with great excitement that we enter the halls of darkness to experience the ritual that is Visio in Somniis.

Now, on the face of it, Tableau Mort seem like your every-day black metal band. After all, the influence of the Romanian Orthodox Church is at the front of the band’s imagery. However, one dive into the murky pool of their sound will dredge up more horrors than you might expect. Yes, they are at their core, a black metal band, but they’re not limiting themselves and this album is a startling showcase of the variety and imagination that exists in this heretical unit.

As raw as a fresh cut, Tableau Mort unleash a complex and chaotic blast of horror-infused hellishness with Metamorphosis and Idolatry. Grand but garish, the first quarter is super-satisfying but also intriguing enough to keep you listening on.

Well worth it too, as the title track goes from blistering speed and ferocity to a haunting, atmospheric drop and back to carnage inducing blackened heaviness. One of the most unique and challenging tracks on the entire album.

Hold on though, Tableau Mort have so much more wickedness to expel with Blood Ablaze, Their Throats Are Open Graves and The Fire, The Star continuing the maddening blend of ideas. Where, as the listener, all you can do is sit there, mouth wide open, as you try to breathe under the constant wave of excessive blackness and extensive detail.

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We often talk in the music scene about bands defying genre expectations and doing something to stand out from the pack. It’s almost a necessity these days, so credit to Tableau Mort for really taking that to heart while staying true to what black metal is.

There can be no argument that they have accomplished something pretty special here, so there is a sense of sadness and loss as the revulsion of Candle in the Darkness turn out to be the last track. Though, it’s certainly not found lacking and sees Tableau Mort go out with one of their harshest slabs of heavy intensity so far.

Tableau Mort – Visio In Somniis Full Track Listing:

1. Metamorphosis
2. Idolatry
3. Visio In Somniis
4. Blood Echoes
5. Hope Ablaze
6. Their Throats Are Open Graves
7. The Fire, The Star
8. Candle in the Darkness


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Tableau Mort - Visio in Somniis (Cult Of Parthenope)
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