Album Review: Sylosis – A Sign of Things to Come (Nuclear Blast)

Modern melodic metal Sylosis return on September 8th, 2023, with their brand-new 6th studio album ‘A Sign of Things to Come’ via Nuclear Blast.

On the form of their life, Sylosis are back and more focused than ever. Clearly eyeing up this release as their opportunity to push onwards and upwards. Something made evidently possible by a manic combination of classic Sylosis and evolved Sylosis.

When was the last time Sylosis released something that wasn’t an absolute banger? Deadwood gets this album started off impressively. Nothing to ‘out there’ but still massively attention grabbing. Big riffs and roaring leads, ferocious percussion, and vocals that are scathing, it’s a Sylosis head-banger in the best way possible.

From that, to something a bit different with the title track. More clean singing and a bit more melody. Regardless, it still goes hard and it has a banger chorus. Then there is Pariahs, a track with a bit more thrash-infused flair to it, but with a stompy drum beat that demands you head-bang your heart out. Before a frenzy of heavy arrives in the form of Poison for the Lost. A track that is fast and aggressive, with just a small touch of melody to give it wider appeal.

The halfway point reached with Descent, one of the album’s most anthemic efforts. The chorus is quite a sing-along, and it has a blistering guitar solo. Sylosis having already proved with only half the album done, that this is going to be considered one their best records yet.

The advancement in their sound is front and centre for Absent. A moody, atmospheric, and melodic tune that keeps things subtle for a few minutes, before exploding into an epically heavy sound. A grand sounding Sylosis tune.

Then it’s time for some more ‘classic’ sounding Sylosis thrash-infused and speeding metalcore with Eye for An Eye. Groovy and aggressive, right up to its infectious chorus. Followed then by Judas and Thorns. The former with crunching riffs and meaty percussion, and the latter with dramatic atmosphere and cold melody. Two different, but easily recognisable Sylosis efforts.

The album has impressively balanced the past with the future, likely to please long-term fans and bring in a ton of new ones too. The final piece of the puzzle being the closing track, A Godless Throne. One last head-banger, dripping in dark ambience, and sounding delightfully like the Sylosis we all know and love. The future couldn’t be brighter for this band.

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Sylosis – A Sign of Things to Come Track Listing:

1. Deadwood
2. A Sign of Things to Come
3. Pariahs
4. Poison for The Lost
5. Descent
6. Absent
7. Eye for An Eye
8. Judas
9. Thorns
10. A Godless Throne


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Sylosis – A Sign of Things to Come (Nuclear Blast)
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