Album Review: Conquer Divide – Slow Burn (Mascot Records)

Post hardcore /rock band Conquer Divide will release their brand-new album ‘Slow Burn’ on September 8th via Mascot Records.

A statement making album, Conquer Divide are eyeing up big things in their future and have one hell of an album that will help push them upwards. Slow Burn is a brash and vibrant showcase of modern anthemic sounds, oozing relatable honesty and passion from beginning to end. The band doing a good job of blending chaotic dynamism and animated melody across its twelve tracks.

With plenty of crossover appeal and an intensity that might startle a few people, Atonement is a hard-hitting start. Before poppy tones and melodies take over with N E W H E A V E N and Paralyzed. Both these tracks feature the anthemic qualities that will turn so many heads when this album is heard, with the latter having a flash of unabashed heaviness.

It’s something more elaborate and creative with welcome2paradise, Conquer Divide showcasing some serious explosivity and depth to their modernised post hardcore sound. Whereas PRESSURE is melodramatic, system_failure has an abrasive edge and a big chorus, something also notable about playing w/ fire, and Over It. With the latter being such a sing-along.

There’s something for everyone here, emphatic, and energised, Conquer Divide will undeniably leave a mark with this album. Even as it reaches its latter stages, it’s still a blast. The group’s creativity on brilliant display with Afterthought.wav, one of the album’s most aggressive tracks. Never be under any doubts, when they want to, Conquer Divide can go as hard as anyone.

It’s a race to the finish now as banger after banger comes thick and fast. The brilliant lyrical content of the INVISIBLE, the grandness of wide awake, the eclectic OnlyGirl, and the sharp and sure gAtEkEePeR. Each offers something a bit different, filled with all manner of powerful moments, and undeniably wide-reaching. The future is looking extremely bright for this band.

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Conquer Divide – Slow Burn Track Listing:

1. Atonement
2. N E W H E A V E N
3. Paralyzed
4. welcome2paradise
6. system_failure
7. playing w/ fire
8. Over It.
9. Afterthought.wav
11. wide awake
12. OnlyGirl
12. gAtEkEePeR


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Conquer Divide - Slow Burn (Mascot Records)
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