Album Review: Suum – Cryptomass (Seeing Red Records)

Cryptomass is the follow-up album to Suum’s debut, Buried Into the Grave, and expertly combines the spirit of the bands influences with their own unique brand of haunting Italian Doom. It will be released on February 14th 2020 via Seeing Red Records.

Oomph, Suum lay out the filthiest riffs to start their new album off. The title track has all the energy of a sloth and moves as though it is stuck in thick treacle, exactly as the nastiest of doom should sound. Too much? The clean singing might go some way to lighten the load on the mind. Not much, as it’s the sound of granite blocks being dropped from height, but it is something.

That colossal start is taken even further to the depths of bone crushing heaviness with The Silence of Agony and Creatures from the Vault. The pressure from the riffs almost too much to bear but the solo in the latter that fades out the track is worth it.

Offering something a bit more disjointed but equally as bruising, Funeral Circle arrives comatose before Burial At Night layers the dirt on chokingly. Variety isn’t the spice of life here but it’s hardly a problem as Suum provide such a complete doom sound it’s hard to enjoy. That doesn’t stop the mind beginning to wander occasionally though.

Not on The Failure of Creation though. Not with a drum and guitar combo this chunky and a slight bit more urgency here and there.

A short melodic intermission (Mass in the Catacomb) is a moment to relax. Needed too as the last two tracks are some of the heaviest and noisiest on the album. Claws of Evil, droning like the buzz of flies over a fresh corpse and Reaper Looks in Your Eyes, wrapping its twisted hands around the head and squeezing as hard as possible.

It’s an experience not be forgotten.

Suum – Cryptomass Full Track Listing:

1. Cryptomass
2. The Silence of Agony
3. Creatures from the Vault
4. Funeral Circle
5. Burial At Night
6. The Failure of Creation
7. Mass in the Catacomb
8. Claws of Evil
9. Reaper Looks in Your Eyes






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Suum - Cryptomass (Seeing Red Records)
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