6 Video-Game-Inspired Gruesome Movies

There aren’t many films as terrifying as those in the Horror genre. Horror flicks play on our primitive anxieties, while action movies do it through high-octane stunts. A well-made horror film can leave an impression on a viewer that stays with them for a long time. The same may be said for games with a horror theme. When done well, games in the Horror category may be terrifying.

But if we merge the two channels, what will happen? Video games you can actually play and bet on at https://sharkcasino.io/ have inspired several horror films, but those that have succeeded in translating the game world’s cries to the big screen have been critically acclaimed. Take a look at some of the best examples of terror shown in video games. 

Resident Evil

Multiple installments have been made in the immensely popular Resident Evil film series. The first film, starring Milla Jovovich as the amnesiac Alice was released in 2002 and directed by Paul W.S. Anderson. Zombies have invaded a top-secret underground facility. The movie adapts the game series by using elements like the T-Virus and the Umbrella Corporation to tell its plot. The film is an exciting thrill journey full of thrilling scenes and startling shocks.

Alone in the Dark

The 2005 cinematic adaptation of the Alone in the Dark video game series was a box office success. The film’s protagonist, Edward Carnby (Christian Slater), is a paranormal investigator who (with the help of some ancient relics) uncovers a conspiracy involving monsters that threaten to destroy humanity. The film has some clumsy speech and awful performances but has some truly terrifying moments and innovative monster designs, so it’s a mixed bag. It’s not the best horror film adaptation of a video game, but it’s entertaining enough for lovers of the source material.

Silent Hill 

The film version of Silent Hill, arguably the most famous horror game series, did not disappoint anyone in 2006. The film follows Rose as she travels to the haunted village of Silent Hill in pursuit of her adopted daughter. The film brilliantly portrays the unsettling tone of the game and its memorable monsters. The film’s level of dread is amplified by the usage of non-CG practical effects in place of computer animation. Both gamers and horror movie buffs should check out Silent Hill.

Forbidden Siren 

There was a plethora of Survival Horror video games in the early 2000s. The popularity of horror video game series like Resident Evil and Silent Hill drew the attention of businesses hoping to cash in. As a result, many games emerged that borrowed heavily from both industry heavyweights while trying to carve out their niche. As a first-party studio under Sony Computer Entertainment, Japan Studio set out in 2003 to create a game that would fit in with Japan’s style of genuinely horrific horror. A strong release with a compelling tale and attractive visuals, but let down by repetitive gameplay.

Even Nevertheless, director Yukihiko Tsutsumi decided to immortalize the film three years after its first premiere. Forbidden Siren was a well-made horror picture for its period, with effective scares, well-designed settings, and an odd tale that kept the tension up effectively. The fact that a video game inspired it doesn’t detract from the fact that it’s entertaining on its own.

Werewolves Within

It’s unusual to see a movie based on a “one-off” title, but that’s what occurred with Werewolves Within, which was adapted from the Ubisoft game of the same name. Although it’s great fun to play with others, many critics first dismissed the interactive VR experience as little more than a spin on the formula already established by games like Town of Salem.

Thankfully, the movie’s makers were able to give it more of a human touch by developing an engaging plot that updated the classic mystery-solving formula for a modern audience. Those expecting nail-biting Horror moments will be sorely disappointed, but fans of the genre and those looking for a serious whodunit with a colorful cast of people will find much to love here.


With numerous spooky stories and monster flicks exceeding expectations with their incredibly disturbing images and themes, Asian Horror is undoubtedly among the most unsettling in the genre. Detention, a “period piece” set during Taiwan’s White Terror martial law period in 1962, is a great choice for horror fans searching for an Eastern film adaptation.

The film has excellent performances, a creepy atmosphere, and stressful scenes. The movie is among the best adaptations of a scary video game. 


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