Album Review: Skinny Knowledge – Don’t Turn Out The Lights (Self Released)

The debut album ‘Don’t Turn Out The Lights’ by rock band Skinny Knowledge will be released on the 5th of March 2021.

Skinny Knowledge visionary and vocalist/guitarist Andy L Smooth explains why he HAD to record this new album:

I love music that truly makes you feel something. Music that’s REAL and inspires you and others to move mountain. Songs that leave you with a mark, and truly change your life… that’s the benchmark. Artists with a message. Artists with something to say… this is ground zero for me as a creative. It’s what has got me through incredibly dark times, none more so than 2020.

Many artists and bands are releasing what is their own encapsulation of the year that was 2020. Offering up their own unique take on a rough year for so many people worldwide, some more effectively than others. Finding what resonates with you is no easy task, especially as a certain level of honesty is required.

Well, look no further as Skinny Knowledge’s new album is the epitome of honesty. Where its creation was more of a necessity rather than just a desire. Where it had to be 14 tracks long because each message needed to be expressed in the most meaningful way. It’s incredibly effective and buoyed by a blend of hard rock, punk and metal that just works so well.

From the rocking beat of the opening title track to the uplifting vibe of the finale, Stand Alone and everything in between, there’s a ton of heart here.

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Of course, that might not mean as much if the music wasn’t up to scratch but happily, there’s some serious talent in Skinny Knowledge. While rooted in the rock side of things, which makes for many a groovy tune or two, there’s plenty of experimentation going on to keep things interesting.

Tracks like Alive, Keep Me Out of It and Sayonara have a bit more meat to the guitars while also delivering animated choruses. Then there are the impassioned efforts like Getaway and This Time that show off some of the heavier elements of Skinny Knowledge.

Putting it simply, there’s something for everyone here and pretty much everyone will find themselves thoroughly enjoying what’s on show.

Skinny Knowledge – Don’t Turn the Lights Out Full Track Listing:

1. Don’t Turn Out the Lights
2. Imagination
3. Alive
4. King of Nothing
5. Keep Me Out of It
6. Not Coming Down
7. Getaway
8. Sayonara
9. Wheel of Love
10. This Time
11. Make A Change
12. Take the Blame
13. Heavy Metal Interlude
14. Stand Alone


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Skinny Knowledge - Don't Turn Out The Lights (Self Released)
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