Album Review: Sumo Cyco – Initiation (Napalm Records)

Canadian rock/metal crossover quartet Sumo Cyco transcend into an explosive new era with their third full-length album and Napalm Records debut, Initiation – inviting a mass of new fans into their warped, dystopian-like world of “Cyco City”! It will be released on May 7th, 2021.

Sumo Cyco have been challenging the norms of rock and metal for a while now and with Initiation, the crossover maniacs aren’t changing that. Anyone thinking that after so much success already, they might be looking to calm things down are in for a shock as Sumo Cyco come out in explosive style. Love You Wrong and the massive hitter that is Bystander are chaotic and catchy, messy and ordered at the same time, brimming with massive choruses and mental sounding groove. All while adding melodic touches and weird electronica to really nail that ‘crossover’ summation.

If your taste means you hear the latter of those opening two tracks and you hate it, chances are you’re not going to enjoy what comes next. Even if Vertigo is a bit more chill, more melodic but still just as athemic.

Whereas Bad News has their trademark weird intensity and energy, vocalist Sever is on fire here. Although, throughout the album she is red hot and her ability to spit fire one moment then croon at another is so impressive. It’s certainly what makes No Surrender such a chest-beating sing-along and M.I.A such a tour de force of eclectic effects and sounds, Two quite different sounding tracks but both clearly Sumo Cyco.

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Catchy and danceable, Cyclone has meatier drums and more prevalent guitar riffs compared to the previous effort. Ensuring variety is still at the forefront of Sumo Cyco’s sound. It’s then followed by the impressively catchy peppiness of Run With the Giants and bouncy rockiness of Overdrive. The former, the band at their most imaginative, and the latter, the band at their most refined.

Sumo Cyco might have their crowning achievement in the form of Initiation. Further prove provided by the anthem that is Power and Control, the outspoken club heavyweight that is This Dance is Doomed and the upbeat singalong finale of Awakened.

The latter part of the album isn’t quite as strong as what came before but Sumo Cyco are still leagues ahead of most regardless. Initiation is going to blow up, it has too. The modern crossover sound, the anthemic songs and wide appeal this band has… watch out world. Sumo Cyco are about to make their landing.

Sumo Cyco – Initiation Full Track Listing:

1. Love You Wrong
2. Bystander
3. Vertigo
4. Bad News
5. No Surrender
6. M.I.A
7. Cyclone
8. Run With The Giants
9. Overdrive
10. Power and Control
11. This Dance Is Doomed
12. Awakened


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Sumo Cyco - Initiation (Napalm Records)
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