Album Review: Sulgogar – Science of Beyond (Machine Man Records)

Sulgogar is a Venezuelan metal band, founded at the end of 2016 in the town of Duaca, North of Barquisimeto (Lara state). Sulgogar is considered to be the first, and only metal band in that area to date.

With a musical style mixing Death Metal and elements of Thrash and Black Metal, the lyrics of Sulgogar range from urban legends and mysteries, to more darker and sinister themes such as social criticisms.

Their new album, Science of Beyond was released on the 13th July 2018.

Sulgogar 2

Like a cesspit, Science of Beyond is filled with a raw and rotten sound. It’s rough on the ears and after digging through the mounds of thrashy, punk-infused death metal, you’ll have a serious urge to take a long shower afterwards.

Only in metal could describing an album like so be a positive. Sulgogar are nasty, the production is nasty but it fits when you read about their origins and where they come from.



Aside from that, what we have here is 7 tracks of hyper-aggressive metal that leans heavily on the wild old-school thrash sound while chucking in elements from the more extreme sides of the music genre. All covered in punk attitude.

Those rear their filth covered heads fully for the first time on Chupacabras. The guitars loud and obnoxious, the drumming raw beyond belief and the vocals absolutely dripping in menace. Even with all of that they still find time to fire of a screaming guitar solo too.

Only 22 minutes long, there’s not much to the album but that’s a good thing. This level of sustained assault would wear thin after a while. As it is the final few tracks come at you at such a rapid fire pace leaving you feeling a bit dazed.

What did we just listen too?!

Sulgogar 1

Sulgogar – Science of Beyond Full Track Listing:

1. Femi-Nazis
2. Misión-Sobrepoblación
3. Chupacabras
4. Socialista-Satanista
5. El Comegente (Enviado de Satanás)
6. Acechadores Intergalácticos
7. Science of Beyond

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You can pick up the album now via Bandcamp, Spotify, Deezer and via Apple Music below. Find out more about Sulgogar by checking out their Facebook Page.


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Sulgogar - Science of Beyond (Machine Man Records)
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