Album Review: SUE – It Will Never End (Self Released)

SUE are Noise Rock/Post-Punk/Punk Rock unit from the West Midlands in the UK. It Will Never End is their debut album released on May 1st 2019.


I’m not sure what sounds more raw here. The vocals, the fuzzed up guitars or the crashing of the drums. Thrown all together what we get is a lot of noise. The debut release of SUE is a noisy affair but not in an unlistenable way. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still going to take a little effort and a few listens to really get to grips with the record but thanks to a bit more of a punk ethos we get many a track that might get the foot tapping, the head nodding and blood pumping.

Take Strange and Deranged, a track that is all fire and fury but with a catchy beat and even a decent chorus. It’s messy but fun messy, like having a playful food fight with that person you’ve always kind of fancied. They just so happen to be called SUE.



The unrefined sound gets more and more appealing the further into the album we go. The consistency in delivering energetic noisy catchiness really does deserve credit. Such as I’m A F*****g Alien, Put Me to Sleep and You Don’t Know What’s Going On.

Yet it still sounds so ‘punk’. Good on SUE for crafting a different kind of ‘noise’, one that will have more mass appeal thanks to its defiant stance. What other band would have even thought about wrapping up with a 14 minute track!? Something a little different too as it’s almost completely melodic and moves at a snails pace for most of its run-time. Bloody good though.


SUE – It Will Never End Full Track Listing:

1. Hate My Face
2. Strange and Deranged
3. Not Your Kind
4. I’m A F*****g Alien
5. Gotta Gotta Gotta
6. Put Me to Sleep
7. Medicine
8. Thirst
9. An Empire On Fire
10. You Don’t Know What’s Going On
11. Missing Lies
12. I Am Nothing

The album can be streamed via all major services including Bandcamp here. Head over to SUE’s website, Facebook Page, Instagram and YouTube to find out more!

SUE - It Will Never End (Self Released)
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