Album Review: StormbounD – December (Self Released)

StormbounD, a majestically melodic symphonic band from Israel, channel the vibes of bands such as Delain and Amaranthe with powerful, clean vocals from frontwoman Yael Horwitz, alongside the harsher lyrics sang by vocalist/guitarist Ofer Friedman who is backed up by a formidable, symphonic sound driven by bassist Pavel Kleiman, keyboardist Rotem Sadia, drummer Yuval Partush and guitarist Shani Friedman. They are amped to be releasing their debut album “December ” on August 5th, 2022.

They share their thoughts on this release:

The lyrics on the album tell some interesting stories, some more personal and some global, convey some harsh messages and themes, and deliver a wide array of emotions. We did our best to bring all of that into a cohesive musical surrounding within the realm of metal. “Desert’s Roar” is a cry for freedom from an inner struggle taking place inside the mind of a person feeling controlled and overpowered.

Fans of symphonic metal will find themselves right at home here. However, there’s so much more to StormbounD than meets the eye. A band not only able to capture the imagination with their epic stories but a band that infuses elements from a wide array of genres into their sound to create something even more detailed.

Up first? The lavish Desert’s Roar. Where symphonic grandiosity meets head-banging heaviness in an explosion of impressive detail. Enough can’t be said about the dual vocal performance and here StormbounD set out to ensure it’s one of the most memorable parts of their sound.

Altar of Innocence comes next and features some rigid and solid riffs, but it’s the vocals that really soar here. The male side getting darker and harsher, balanced by the incredibly powerful female vocals. Something that also makes the heavier and more ‘death’ infused Sacred Lies another mighty banger. Here, StormbounD unleash a cacophony of meaty metal to sate the hunger for something nastier sounding.

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Melodrama and melody is a major part of Away from Here but it’s also a track with a lot of energy thanks to the erratic moments of 80s-infused rhythm. Before the longest and grandest track of all, the progressively infused, symphonic metal beast that is the title track comes along to turn the heat up even more. It’s still very much StormbounD, but it’s them reaching a higher and much more impressive plateau.

Seemingly aware that such a track is near impossible to follow, StormbounD keep it simple with the softer, melodic, and slightly eccentric sound of Shadows. A stunning showcase of the vocals yet again. Before the energy comes back for the wacky folk and electronica-infused jig that is Flying High and Fragments brings a really rich symphonic sound to the metal playing field. Two quite different sounding tracks but two tracks that are undeniably StormbounD.

It’s been a great listen so it’s awesome they go out with a bang. A really big bang as Child’s Play has darker and sinister touches but still meets the high symphonic standards that StormbounD have set for themselves over the entirety of this album. An incredible accomplishment.

StormbounD – December Full Track Listing:

1. Desert’s Roar
2. Altar of Innocence
3. Sacred Lies
4. Away from Here
5. December
6. Shadows
7. Flying High
8. Fragments
9. Child’s Play


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StormbounD - December (Self Released)
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