Album Review: Anakim – The Elysian Void (Self Released)

UK based technical-progressive-death metal band Anakim will release their brand-new album, ‘The Elysian Void’ on the 30th July 2021.

Meaty and heavy, aggressive and intense, complex and intriguing… there’s a lot going on in Anakim’s The Elysian Void. A lot to take in and a lot to enjoy. Especially if your interest in tech/progressive leans towards the heavier end of the spectrum. As that’s the end Anakim sit comfortably in.

Battering away with the opener, Starlit Shrines, Anakim immediately show their heavy but rhythmic chops with a track that encourages deeper analysis and ill-mannered head-banging. The rising guitar solo that exists here is simply phenomenal.

That’s the bar set but Anakim immediately set out to clear it with the wilder technicality of Infinite Realities. Again, the guitar soloing here is on another level.

Causalities of an Ancient War has a more hyperactive and traditional assault of death-infused heaviness. Before the halfway point of this ‘in your face’ album sees The Auguries of Virgin Soil up the ante with a clattering drumbeat, squealing guitar jabs and slashes, and filth-encrusted vocals. Nasty to the ears but downright enjoyable as all hell.

There’s a lot of strong elements to Anakim, the entire band giving it their all but it’s hard to not highlight the guitars over everything else. Every track has a hook and the capability to lift things to even greater heights. Case in point – Bearer of the Sacred Flame and Malformed Cthonic Dream. The latter of those two, is arguably the highlight of the record. Thanks to the chuggy and choppy rhythm, beastly vocal growls and roars, and meaty percussion.

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If you’re not mentally bruised beyond repair at this stage, Anakim have two more beatings to dish out. Veins of the Unlit and the title track. The first of which brings with it a hefty amount of snarl and even more metal intensity. Whereas the finale is a tech-death epic that moves at a frantic and frenzied pace for the most part, tempo switches darkening the mood and enhancing the chaotic heaviness when it returns.

It’s a very strong technical/progressive effort that has all the class and skill of a band 20 years into their career.

Anakim – The Elysian Void Full Track Listing:

1. Starlit Shrines
2. Infinite Realities
3. Causalities of an Ancient War
4. The Auguries of Virgin Soil
5. Bearer of the Sacred Flame
6. Malformed Cthonic Dream
7. Veins of the Unlit
8. The Elysian Void


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Anakim - The Elysian Void (Self Released)
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