Album Review: South Of Salem – Death Of The Party (Spider Party Records)

Bournemouth rock quintet South Of Salem return with their second album, Death Of The Party, released January 19th, 2024, via their own label, Spider Party Records.

No frills hard rock and heavy metal, with a big helping of sleaze and horror, it’s South of Salem and they have done immensely well for themselves since releasing their debut album ‘The Sinner Takes It All’ in 2020. So much so, that it’s no surprise that this album is hotly anticipated. Where each single release has just increased excitement even more.

Singles like the brash head-banger and body-shaker that is Vultures, South of Salem kicking things off with a heavy and infectious number, and Static, a robust and heady blast of groovy rock, with a killer chorus and a great guitar solo. That these are the first two tracks that listeners will hear on this album, speaks volumes about the quality overall.

…and it is quality overall. South of Salem have outdone what they did with their debut and made an album filled with banger anthems that just about everyone can enjoy. All with a sinister smile on their faces as they have devilish ways.

Don’t look too deep though, because their Jet Black Eyes will be staring back and before you know it, you’ll be possessed with the urge to get on the dance floor. Especially when there are twisted anthems like Stitch the Wound, Left for Dead, and Hellbound Heart to follow. South of Salem continuing to be the ‘life’ of the party with an array of crowd-pleasing efforts.

The latter part of the album keeps things hot too, as this is a record with very few lull points. Imaginative and varied, drawing from both the rock and metal worlds, but also focused on being as accessible as possible. Bad Habits (Die Hard) is a beast of riffy proportions, the title track grooves away, A Life Worth Dying For is filled with high-powered energy, and Villain ends things with a bang, a head-bang. South of Salem putting the cherry on top.

Look, it’s not game-changing music, but it’s not supposed to be. What it is, is refined hard rock and heavy metal that ticks all the right boxes for enjoyability. You’d have to be a right miserable bastard to not get some joy out of this record.

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South of Salem – Death of the Party Track Listing:

1. Vultures
2. Static
3. Jet Black Eyes
4. Stitch The Wound
5. Left For Dead
6. Hellbound Heart
7. Bad Habits (Die Hard)
8. Death Of The Party
9. A Life Worth Dying For
10. Villain


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South Of Salem - Death Of The Party (Spider Party Records)
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