Album Review: Soreption – Jord (Unique Leader)

Swedish tech-death titans Soreption return with their monumental new album Jord, released 10th June via Unique Leader Records.

The band comments:

Our main focus, as it has been in every album since the beginning, is to write death metal with a blend of technicality and groove. The goal is to raise those two elements’ more and more for every release. Finding that balance keeping the music interesting is important aspects when we write.

Let’s start this album review off with a complaint… the best kind of complaint. Jord is not long enough. It’s a technical and groove heavy album that leaves you desperate for more. A super-satisfying blast of aggressive, intense, and ruthless metal. Where stupendously sharp riffs meet thick percussion and are complimented by a spitfire vocal approach.

Eight tracks, eight absolute belters that are perfectly refined. Eight tracks that show Soreption are a cut above all others in their field. No easy task to prove as the tech-death world is filled with talent.

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So what makes Jord so outstanding, aside from what is mentioned above? The callous approach to heaviness, the conscious acknowledgement of the importance of groove, the remarkable complexities that are listenable and palatable. Soreption are insanely good at this and, because of the (short-ish) runtime, it blazes past in a blur of blood, thunder and wails.

Delivering an album of pure satisfaction, it’s not just fans of extreme that will fall in love with this. Amazingly, Jord, for all its intensity, has an accessibility that puts it on another level. Part of that comes from what can best be described as moments of ‘flair’. Moments of melody, effects and pizazz that make this even more enjoyable.

So good is this album, so high is the extreme quality, so intensely captivating is the technical mastery, that it’s genuinely disappointing when it ends. It’s the best complaint you can possibly have. So good is an album that the band in question, Soreption, could have gone another half an hour and still it would not become tiresome.

One of, if not the best, tech-death releases heard all year so far. Jord is going to be a tough one to top.

Soreption – Jord Full Track Listing:

1. The Artificial North
2. The Forever Born
3. Prophet
4. Each Death More Hollow
5. A Story Never Told
6. The Chasm
7. The Nether Realm’s Machinery
8. Död Jord




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Soreption - Jord (Unique Leader)
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