Album Review: Sol de Sangre – Sol de Sangre (Black Market Metal)

Sol de Sangre are a multi-country death metal project, emerging with its self-titled debut album recorded in Spanish, the band’s native language. Though Colombian-born, the band members are located in Australia, Canada, and the U.S.

The self-titled release will be out on March 23rd 2018 via Black Market Metal.

Sangre 2

After a dour & pointless intro, Sol de Sangre up their death metal game in serious fashion. Perros con Sarna, Ratas and La Feria del Chivo are fast-paced, up-tempo slabs of aggression with exciting drum beats, devilish riffs & a snarling vocal style. This is music that gets the head-banging with ease.

The intensity on show here is what makes this debut such an stellar listen. Sol de Sangre have no let up so track after track moves at a constant ‘in your face’ pace. Even the guitar solos are delivered with blistering force.

When things do get a bit lower it’s only to enhance the dirty heaviness such as on the brutalising La Cosecha del Miedo and Muertos con Ojos Estallados.

There is no language barrier when metal is being spat out with this kind of force. It’s a universal language & Sol de Sangre are speaking it loudly for all to hear!



Sangre 1

Sol de Sangre – Sol de Sangre Full Track Listing:

1. Preludio – Los Andes
2. Perros con Sarna
3. Ratas
4. La Feria del Chivo
5. La Cosecha del Miedo
6. Interludio – Purgatorio
7. Sol de Sangre
8. Muertos con Ojos Estallados
9. Más Abajo del Infierno
10. Sin Ley y Sin Dios
11. Bienvenida Muerte Bienvenida (Cover Lluvia Negra)
12. Coda- Llanos del Infierno

You can pick up the band’s music over on Bandcamp and order the album via Black Market Metal. Find out more/keep up to date with news on Facebook, Twitter and watch videos on YouTube.


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Sol de Sangre - Sol de Sangre (Black Market Metal)
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