Album Review: Sleep Moscow – Of the Sun (Majestic Mountain Records)

Set up in 2018 as an ego-less and mood driven project, Sleep Moscow is entirely defined by the talents of Petter Kindström, Eric Nilsson and Green Leaf’s Arvid Hällagård. Based in Norrköping and now working closely alongside fellow countrymen Majestic Mountain Records, Of the Sun is a concept album with a tale about a cosmonaut departing a dying earth and leaving everything behind in his quest for something bigger. Something more.

Explains Petter Kindström:

The working title of the album was Solaris… like the 1972 science fiction film by Tarkovsky. When finishing the lyrics for what was to become the title track, I discovered that the actual meaning of ‘Solaris’ is ‘of the sun’ and I not only thought that was very beautiful, but it also helped me work the lyrics backwards from that phrase.

How imaginative. Sleep Moscow’s concept is sci-fi gold and to express this tale through the medium of progressive rock and pop seems so very fitting. Especially as Sleep Moscow’s spacey, eerie and eclectic take is so unique.

That word (unique) can be thrown around easily but rarely is it used accurately. Here, there’s no argument, there really isn’t anything like Sleep Moscow out there. Which does mean there’s sure to be plenty of haters alongside those who love what Of the Sun has to offer.

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Which does make sense as its mellow energy and heavy use of effects isn’t going to be for everyone. Though almost everyone will be able to appreciate just how well the concept is captured. The sense of never-ending space and exploring distant worlds is immense. The enormity of such an experience is felt throughout but in a more relaxed fashion than similar concepts often utilise.

It can be catchy (Gift of Life), it can be morose (Of the Sun), it can be haunting (Memories) and it can be weird (Facing the Clouds). Overall though, most of all, it is captivating to listen too.

Sleep Moscow – Of the Sun Full Track Listing:

1. Home
2. Light Will Meet Us
3. Gift of Life
4. Of the Sun
5. Memories
6. Far Beyond Gone
7. Alone
8. Facing the Clouds
9. You Are Over


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Sleep Moscow - Of the Sun (Majestic Mountain Records)
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