Album Review: Skyless Aeons – Drain The Sun (Self Released)

Canadian (London, ON) progressive death metallers Skyless Aeons’ first full length ‘Drain The Sun’ follows on from their debut EP ‘The Era of Famine’. The album is due out on October 2nd 2020.

The band comment:

Our inspiration comes from the faults in the human condition we encounter in our everyday lives: greed, over-consumption, over-population, the failure to recognize our dogmatic beliefs are wrong leading to division. The music serves as a warning call to what will happen if we fail to recognize the error of our ways, some of which we already see happening in civil unrest.

Progressive death with touches of doom and thrash metal, Skyless Aeons look to take their sound to a more majestic stage. Aiming to make a massive splash with a debut that is as enjoyably heavy as it is thought-provoking.

With mellow, dark and soft melody, Ascension Towards Nothing builds bit by bit, transforming as it goes along. The eventual result being a scarring and violent slice of aggression but one with a very sharp point. Skyless Aeons aren’t pulling any punches but are also not wasting the sweat and blood they’re putting into it.

Enhanced by the following A Consciousness Decays where the riffs play off the low and guttural vocals to leave a darkness laying over everything. It has got flair, such is the progressive style of the album as a whole, but is without a doubt, all about the hostility. Showcased by the short (by this albums standards) and chaotic Go Forth and Multiply.

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Continuing with the spitting and snarling style of vocals and guitars, The Age of Regression is markedly more ferocious than anything heard so far. The doomy drop around the mid-point serving to make things even heavier and more oppressive. Whereas Dimensional Entrapment has clear danger running through it, even within some clever twisting changes and shifts in rhythm.

Still pushing the boundaries, the beat of the drums and rhythmic guitars of Path of Desolation thrills. A little bit jammy, a little bit of showing off, but all kinds of powerful progressive energy, it’s one of the most unique efforts on the album. Only dropping the instrumental side within the last minute for a finale filled with belligerence.

Before Skyless Aeons’ extensive effort comes to an end with the weighty and rigid title track. Confirming Drain the Sun as one hell of a strong debut album.

Skyless Aeons – Drain the Sun Full Track Listing:

1. Ascension Towards Nothing
2. A Consciousness Decays
3. Go Forth and Multiply
4. The Age of Regression
5. Dimensional Entrapment
6. Path of Desolation
7. Drain the Sun


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Skyless Aeons - Drain The Sun (Self Released)
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