Album Review: Škan – Death Crown (Ván Records)

The name “Škan” comes from Lakota Sioux language, where it refers to the spirit of the sky, and the elements that catalyze the continual flow of the universe. Škan can enter the body, too, where it can set forth new beginnings and change. Through this essence and other spiritual and personal philosophies, the band consciously taps into the unknown, experiencing whatever may unfold—and even transcend through the process.

“Everything is in constant motion,” says founding member Joseph Merino. “Current knowledge of science also concludes what has been known by ancient cultures for ages. It impacts reality through vibration. The music comes from experiencing a vision through various ways.”

On April 13th 2018, Škan will reveal its darkest work yet; a full-length debut album, “Death Crown”, to be released on Ván Records.

“The recording is the sum of receiving this vision from a place of nothingness, and projecting it into tangible form that others may receive,” Merino says.

Death Crown 2

Unwilling to be restricted to one singular genre, Škan skip across metal landscapes that include elements from black, death, doom, atmospheric and post to create an eventful listen. While Death Wish doesn’t exactly capture the imagination, The Womb really sees Škan step up & deliver a haunting ode to darkness & those that hide amongst it. The methodical pace is thrilling with one side of the guitars along with the drums bringing thumping heaviness while the other gives off a fuzzy lighter vibe with these excellent screeching moments. It’s a very special track & the standout of the album.

Most of the album impresses with even the short melodious/atmospheric numbers of A Mort and Au Dela adding to the overall vibe.

Škan bring crushing heaviness with the first half of Iron & Blood before turning on some really odd, almost sci-fi like effects & letting the guitars whine. This is then followed by two epics, Father Qayin and For the Love Of Death. The former builds atmosphere with some guitar strumming before a black metal beat kicks in & the twisted vocals step up. The latter begins with the sound of crows and soft instrumental melody before uping the tempo out of nowhere, throwing in the sounds of screaming and taking us on one of the darkest journeys yet.

An impressive ending to an impressive body of work.

Death Crown 1

Škan – Death Crown Full Track Listing:

1. Initium
2. Death Wish
3. A Mort
4. The Womb
5. Au Dela
6. Iron & Blood
7. Father Qayin
8. For the Love of Death

You can order the album via Ván Records and earlier releases via Bandcamp. Find out more/keep up to date with news by liking the band’s Facebook Page and watch some of their videos on YouTube.

Škan - Death Crown (Ván Records)
  • The Final Score - 8.5/10
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