Album Review: SixStringNoise – Cold Damn Season (Self-Released)

SixStringNoise formed in the year 2010 & shortly released the debut digital-album ‘Snowing Bullets While Kissing the Ground’ January 2011.

In May 2011,the band finally became a complete band after starting as a lone project of Markos 6SN. The band is now made up of Alex D (Drums) and Alex B(Bass/Backing vocals),along with Markos 6SN(Lead Vocals/Lead n’ Rythm Guitars).
After a short break in 2012 and line up changes,the band released a new album ‘Likewise’ at the end of March 2013.

After many shows and line-up changes during the period of Summer 2013 – Summer 2014, the band became a solo project of Markos 6SN again and released ‘Snake Side Brotherhood’ in 2015.

SixStringNoise’s new album, Cold Damn Season will be released on Januray 20th 2017 & is completely self-funded & released. You can pick up the first single here.

Kicking things off nicely with some serious twisting guitar fret-work, the opening song Caledonian instantly grabs you especially when the vocals kick in. Combining Alice in Chains’ with a bit of Myles Kennedy from Alter Bridge it’s an impressive range but doesn’t detract from the heavy riffs & mind-melting solo. There’s even a bit of a piano melody thrown in for good measure too!

You can’t help but wonder just how Six String Noise are going to top that start but with Bum Rush they do it with ease. Upping the pace to much more frantic levels, it still manages to have a catchy as hell chorus while dropping riffs weighted in gold.

Six String Noise have a sound that pushes them out there as the perfect metal band. Songs that have plenty of beat & melody to them to please a more casual audience but enough heavier, complicated & interesting elements to placate the more hardcore metal side of things too.

This an album filled with imagination & effort, songs like Things Went South have so many exciting twists & turns that you’ll be hitting the repeat button the moment it ends. An incredible song with a groove that gets the hips swaying & head-banging. The chorus is stunning, lifts the soul & mind.

Not content with just dropping these out & out catchy beat led numbers, SixStringNoise also prove they have way more in the tank then you may have originally thought with 7/8 minutes epics that darken the mood but push the music to the front. The song Cold Damn Season does run a bit too long, losing steam after the intense guitar solo but Meth Lab’s mix of more extreme metal & grunge-like vocals really resonates.

The songs that don’t hit quite as hard as the rest are easily overlooked when compared to the majority of fantastic metal tunes on show here. It’s only the likes of The Broken Homes ballad-like melody that is just a bit plain but does have a nice soaring guitar solo & the disjointed sounding Keep the Change (even though a heavier snippet in the middle is pretty fantastic) that sees the quality drop on occasion.

The short, soft & beautiful melody of Foxy plays out a seriously great album from SixStringNoise. Filled with melody, groove, heavy beats, solos & vocals that melt in your ears, check this out.

Overall Track Listing:

1. Caledonian
2. Bum Rush
3. Things Want South
4. Cold Damned Season
5. Outbreak
6. The Broken Homes
7. Meth Lab
8. Gripes to a Deaf
9. Keep the Change
10. Foxy

You can find out more about the SixStringNoise & Cold Damn Season on bandcamp, over on Facebook, on Instagram & on Twitter. You check out some of the music over on SoundCloud & on YouTube!


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SixStringNoise - Cold Damn Season (Self-Released)
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