EP Review: The Hÿss – Hound (Self Released)

The Hÿss, a Chicago quintet born out of a mutual love for staples like Black Sabbath, Fu Manchu and Clutch are set to release their new record on June 7th, 2019. Tracked mostly live in the studio, the sound of Hound is urgent, hard-hitting rock that’s sure to satisfy stoner rock, punk and metal fans alike.

Going for groove, a chance to get bodies shaking, The Hÿss’ opening track, Ranger Groove is a little bit filthy, a little bit sleazy and a hell of a catchy start. A wicked mix of stoner rock groove and hard rock riffs, it’s the kind of start everyone will remember afterwards.

It’s a tough ask for Eaten By Dogs to follow that and it doesn’t quite capture the imagination in the same way. A slower tempo, a rougher side to the vocals and slight edge of fuzz is enjoyable though.

It’s back to frantic speed with Off With Their Heads and Gold Tooth Ding though, exactly the pace that The Hÿss excel at. The latter of the two being much more punk then anything else thanks to the spitting and snarling vocals.

Ghost Army then gives us super-fuzzed out heaviness to ensure we won’t be forgetting The Hÿss anytime soon.

The Hÿss – Hound Full Track Listing:

1. Ranger Grave
2. Eaten by Dogs
3. Off With Their Heads
4. Gold Tooth Ding
5. Ghost Army



The EP can be ordered on Bandcamp here and you can find out more via Facebook.

The Hÿss - Hound (Self Released)
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