Album Review: Sifting – The Infinite Loop (Eclipse Records)

Sifting is a progressive metal band from Los Angeles, CA who are releasing their new album ‘The Infinite Loop’ on September 27th 2019 via Eclipse Records.

In no way half-arseing it, Sifting have created an album that has no interest in conventional song structures. Nor has it any interest in sticking to the progressive playbook. Instead what we have here is a very unique record that crosses many different metal borders resulting in an experience that can be rightfully called unforgettable.

So confident is this band, that their opening track Agony is over 10 minutes long and blazes with thrash fury at first. However, just when you think you’ve got them figured out along comes complex guitar riffing and a vocal style that is reminiscent of Avenged Sevenfold.

It’s got groove but leaves things on unsteady ground by refusing to stick to one specific path. Somehow Sifting manage to keep it together too without the disjointed style becoming a problem. All this and it’s just the opening track.

This is a long album, an investment of an album so set aside some time so you can really appreciate the intricacies. Even when they keep it short (by this albums standards) they manage to pack a hell of a lot in.

A Critical Affair has so much face-melting guitar shredding and soloing, Enough is melodic but with a bit more bite then you might expect, What If (Dichotomy) pushes and pulls in all directions and To Who I Am is very much a ballad that pushes its luck for sweetness but is enjoyable.

The longer ones are often where it is at though. Stop Calling Me Liberty with a belly full of fire, Ghost a Lie chugging along with a fascinating amount of complex riffing and the beast of an epic that is the title track.

At over 13 minutes long, it’s good that this is the last track as few won’t be utterly spent by this point. This finale will take the last of what energy is left with its twisting and turning, unable to stay still for any length of time. It’s mind-bending and very much a track that needs time to sit to really appreciate.

Sifting really went for it here, pulling out all the stops to create their very own ‘epic’ and they certainly accomplish that.

Sifting – The Infinite Loop Full Track Listing:

1. Agony
2. A Critical Affair
3. Enough
4. Stop Calling Me Liberty
5. The Fifth Element
6. What If (Dichotomy)
7. To Who I Am
8. Ghost of A Lie (feat. Derek Sherinian)
9. Emotionless Shells
10. The Infinite Loop


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Sifting - The Infinite Loop (Eclipse Records)
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