Album Review: Shining – Animal (Spinefarm Records)

In 2018, Shining are about to blow the doors off and reinvent themselves as the most insanely thrilling rock band on the planet.

Animal is both a massive surprise for Shining fans and an album that promises to send Munkeby’s crew rocketing up the rock’n’roll ladder. Primarily written by Munkeby and new Shining bassist Ole Vistnes, it’s an album that comes direct from the band’s collective beating heart, with lyrics that touch upon their leader’s own personal struggles – not least his father’s recent near-death brush with ill-health – while also offering a hopeful, positive and often inspirational view of the future and its limitless possibilities.

Animal is released on the 19th October 2018 via Spinefarm Records.

Kicking off with 80’s style synth and a catchy rock beat, Shining work hard immediately to make sure you’ll remember this Animal. Take Me is banger of a start but it’s not alone as the title track keeps the same high energy and My Church brings some really hefty groove in the guitars.

The synth comes back in full force for the epic Fight Song, the best track on the album thanks to its incredible vocal performance. A truly impressive track that shows off the rock credentials of Shining and their ability to keep the listener engaged.

After track after track that made the hairs stand up on the body, it’s a little bit disappointing that When the Lights Go Out sounds so ordinary by contrast. It’s a brief dip though as the Smash it Up drops some heaviness in a breakdown and the glorious fist-pumping energy of When I’m Gone lights everything up!

End could have easily been the final track with it’s punchy hooks and crazy catchy chorus but it’s actually Hole in the Sky featuring the added vocal talents of Linnea Dale that closes out Animal. It’s a sweet ballad but doesn’t quite have the same punch as most of the album so ends things on a bit of a flat note.

Shining 1

Shining – Animal Full Track Listing:

1. Take Me
2. Animal
3. My Church
4. Fight Song
5. When the Lights Go Out
6. Smash it Up
7. When I’m Gone
8. Everything Dies
9. End
10. Hole in the Sky (feat. Linnea Dale)

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You can order Animal in a number of bundles over Spinefarm Records as well as via all major streaming services. Find out more by checking out Shining’s website, Facebook Page, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

Shining - Animal (Spinefarm Records)
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