Album Review: Sentient Horror – Rites Of Gore (Testimony Records)

Sentient Horror are a New Jersey based death metal band who fuse the brutality and savagery of old school death metal with a passion for metal’s melodic roots. With the help of Testimony Records, the band will release their third full length album ‘Rites of Gore’ on the 22nd of April 2022.

An apt name and an apt album title, Sentient Horror deliver horrifying death metal with strong elements of gore that has a ritualistic approach.

Guttural, brash and ruthless a lot of the time, what makes Rites of Gore stand out that little bit more from the death metal crowd is how Sentient Horror twist melody and rhythm into something quite unnatural. The result is a packed album of furious death metal heaviness, captivating hooks, and impressive tempo shifts. Where, for all its blatant intensity and old-school vibes, it gives off the fragrant smell of modern thinking.

Though, for all the detail, and there is a lot, Sentient Horror aren’t coy about the aspect that defines them and that’s the rip-roaring savagery of their core death metal sound. If you want reasons to head-bang yourself into oblivion or to start the filthiest circle-pit ever, Sentient Horror have nine (ten if you include the CD bonus track) to offer.

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A high point in the constantly changing and evolving world of death metal, Rites of Gore won’t just leave you laying. It will also leave you wanting to study it. It will leave you wanting to break it down and see what else lies under the crust. More than anything though, it will leave you thoroughly satisfied and hungry for more.

Sentient Horror – Rites of Gore Full Track Listing:

1. A Faceless Corpse
2. Obliteration of Souls
3. Swamp Burial
4. Rites of Gore
5. Splitting Skulls
6. Descend to Chaos
7. The Grave is my Home
8. Till Death Do Us Rot
9. The Eyes of Dread
10. Supposed to Rot (CD Bonus Track)


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Sentient Horror - Rites Of Gore (Testimony Records)
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